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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Visiting Alabama

I'm in Huntsville, Alabama, for the Labor Day weekend visiting my daughter. We have been having a good time, visiting, eating good food and doing a bit of sightseeing.

My daughter's apartment is on Lady Anne Lake. We walked around the lake yesterday and saw this bird outside of the apartment. We think it's a stork.
We visited Providence, a fairly new part of town.

There are fountains everywhere.

We had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom. They specialize in Italian cuisine. We had a couple different types of pizza, and I tried humus for the first time. They served it with warm pita bread, and it was interesting.

Today we visited a new mall called Bridge Street.

It is built around a man made lake.
The landscaping is just gorgeous.

These pink, ruffly trees are everywhere. We aren't sure what they are.

There are fountains of all kinds.....

You can have lunch on the water......

Take a ride on the carousel.......Or take a goldola ride......Sunset over the lake. Tomorrow afternoon we head back home.

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Jeanne said...

Thanks for the virtual vacation photos. It looks like a lovely area. Nice work getting those blankets done, too.

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