Monday, January 7, 2013

UFO Quilts from 2012

Since it's the beginning of a new year and we've had some time to take a deep breath and relax after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, a lot of us are thinking about getting organized.  As quilters, I think the first step is to not only take a look at our fabric stash but also to take stock of our UFOs.  We all start the year promising ourselves that we will stay away from quilt shops and use the fabric we have stashed away at home and finish the things that we have started.  So I'm starting the year with that plan in mind.

I've been trying to come up with some sort of plan to try and finish up some of my projects and am still working on it.  I haven't sorted through all of my UFOs yet, but I thought I would just show you a few of them.

 I love the color in these hexagons.  I'm not sure what kind of quilt they will end up in.  Maybe that's why they have been around and unfinished for so plan.

These are a few of the baskets from When The Cold Wind Blows by Blackbird Designs.  These have been UFOs for quite awhile, too.  Maybe I need to be realistic and just finish the ones that I have finished and do the ones that I have prepped and make them into a quilt that I can enjoy now.

Building Houses from Scraps.  I love these little houses, but they took me a long time to make.  I just have a few of these.

These blocks were started when I read Sonoma Rose by Jennier Chiaverini.  There was a line drawing of the block in the book, so I made a few of these.  Okay, I stopped after these three.

This is from the book Friendship Strips and Scraps by Edyta Sitar.  The top is finished and just needs quilting.  I like scrappy quilts, but I think this one might be just a bit too scrappy for me and maybe that's why it isn't finished.

I really love this Aunt Sarah quilt that I saw in one of the Australian magazines.  I want to make it brighter than the one they show in the magazine, so I started making 3/4" hexagons that are a lot brighter than those shown in the photo.

This is called The Leftover Quilt.  I first saw the pattern and quilt on Ellen's blog, Little Jewel Quilts, and I rewrote the pattern to use 2 1/2" strips.  I have enough blocks cut to make a larger quilt.  The black and white nine patches make a great leader/ender project.  I blogged about it here.

This is my Phebe center.  I have started the center over again.  For me, this is going to be a long term project.

Phebe stars.   I realized that these are the wrong sized stars for the inside border with sashing so they will have to be ripped out.  They will work in the outer border though.

One of the experiments from my post On Point Quilt from Charm Squares found here.

And, here's another.....

This quilt is one that I drew up in Electric Quilt.  I made it in another colorway that you can see here.

I've been working on this one off and on for awhile now.  It is all quilted, and I sewed the binding on.  After looking at it, I really think it needs a border.  So I tore the binding off and decided I was going to add a black border on it along with batting and backing and then quilt it.  It has kind of turned into a nightmare project.

This little tumbler is from a kit I won from Kathie over at Inspired by Antique Quilts blog.  I am hand quilting straight lines vertically on this one and have about 1/4 of it finished.

Extra Christmas present blocks that I made from charm squares.  You can see my post on how to make this smaller version here.

My jelly roll race quilt from our Dear Jane retreat in Shipshewana last fall.

My Orca Bay that still needs the plain inner border and the pieced outer border.
These Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts are really neat looking once you get them all put together.  I will finish the border soon, but her quilts have so many pieces that I like to at least get the blocks put together before I can walk away from it.

These are just a few of my UFOs.  I have more in different stages that I plan to make some decisions on...either get them out and work on them or pass them on to someone that will.

Thanks for stopping by today!  


  1. Wow, LuAnn, you must have a boatload of UFOs!! It would be hard to know where to start if I had those at my house. Good luck in making your plan!

  2. That's an impressive list! I'm afraid mine is just as long and my goal for this year is the same is yours...get them done or pass them on! Hopefully we can do it! ;o)

  3. Thanks for posting your UFOs. I counted mine and had a UFO parade. It really inspired me to get a plan to get some of them done or moved to a new how.

  4. Love the parade! I think some projects are never destined to be finished, just to teach us something!

  5. So much quilty goodness! I can't wait to finish off some UFO's this year too!

  6. You have so many gorgeous ufo's. It will be very hard to decide where to start! I am looking forward to seeing some of them finished this year.

  7. Love your parade.Your ufos are just wonderful and hope you finish some.Happy New Year 2013!!

  8. You have some lovely UFOs, and I look forward to seeing some of them finished this year.

    Not to forget the not yet started (at least mine isn't) famous butterfly quilt:)

  9. So many great projects! Woohoo! I'm so drawn to those Phebe stars.....gorgeous! And those hexies, and baskets.....oh heck, I love em all! :o)

  10. I stand in awe!! You have so many fun projects ready to go - you can work on whatever, depending on your mood. Can't wait to see some of the finishes. I need to do this to myself too!!

  11. Oh My! How many UFO's do you have? I always have a few, because I like to have things in different stages. Never know what I'll feel like working on. You have some beautiful quilts started!!

  12. You have some wonderful projects and if you finish all of them, what a great accomplishment that will be. I like your idea of putting into a quilt what you already have done.
    Beth in MN

  13. What a lovely array of UFO's, and what a good idea to show them altogether. A good way to remember what to do next.haha! Love your Orca Bay quilt. gorgeous.

  14. I Love that you have shown your UFO's and admit to why you are unhappy with some of them. It makes me feel so much better about my little stack - I will now go back to them and try to work out why I haven't finished them.

  15. I had a lovely time seeing all your works. I followed links to your dresden plate quilt too, as I am planning one this year.
    My favourite? the scrappy friendship strips quilt!

  16. How cool that you even showed pictures of all your UFOs!! I could only get the list up but have begun work on the first one. Really nice projects you have going and I expect you will finish them all this year plus much more!

  17. What a great idea! I only made a list of UFO's and WIP's. I really should take pictures of them.

    Lots of beauties you have. My favorite is your Orca Bay.

  18. Thanks for sharing. You have some great pieces to choose from. I sometimes think we should all swap UFO's. I made a list yesterday of my UFO's and I hope to finish one per quarter. Good luck.

  19. well let's just say, you better get to work LuAnn!!!

    Just kidding, it actually makes on feel better to see others in the same boat...and what wonderful UFO's you have!!

  20. Luann, I just love, love, love your Orca Bay quilt top! You've got to finish that one for sure! You know how you get things done, don't you? One at a time! P.S. Please don't stay away too long from visiting me at the shop. :)

  21. So many gorgeous projects to enjoy this year!

  22. You have some gorgeous projects in the works! I have just as many if not more. At least you know where yours are :)

  23. I loved see your UFOs. I so want to make the little baskets. I might just do that next year.


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