Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Birthday and Di Ford's New Book

I am back from my birthday hiatus.  Thanks to all of you for all of your good wishes on Facebook, through email and/or snail mail and in person.  I really appreciate hearing from all of you.

My son, daughter-in-law and grandson invited us over for a belated birthday dinner.  This is my cupcake "tree" that my daughter-in-law made.  The flowers on top are made from gum drops.  This is party time here since my birthday, daughter's birthday and Mother's Day are all within the same week.

Daniel had a good time at the party.  His t-shirt says "What happens at Grandma's house stays at Grandma's house."  

This is some of the fabric that I bought....a fat quarter pack of Judie Rothermel's Scarlet Evening line.  Don't really have a plan for this.  I just like it.

My friend, Pam, got me this great lantern and took me out for a wonderful Mexican dinner.  I love the lantern and can't wait to decorate it for the holidays.

I also ordered the new Di Ford book, Primarily Quilts.

I love this hexagon quilt.  This book is truly a study in fabric and how to mix different prints within a quilt.

Beautiful feathered star quilt; beautiful applique and pieced border.

This one might be my favorite of all in the book even though her version of the Phebe and Ann Daggs quilts are in the book along with their patterns.

Even Oh Dear Mrs. Tompkins (also known as The Burnt Quilt) is in the book.

I've been ordering a bit of the original fabrics for some of the quilts in the book.  I'd love to make every one.

I hope you are finding some time to do a little bit of stitching today.  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  1. just stopping by . What a wonderful filled B day you had with family cupcakes and fabrics all the stuff i like that makes my day..Happy Birthday . Izzy

  2. Happy birthday to you. I got tha Di Ford's book too. Can't stop looking in it

  3. Happy birthday and Happy Mother's day! What happens at Grandma's house should stay at Grandma's house...except Grandma takes lots of pictures and tells tales. Enjoy the book. The pictures look enticing. Lane

  4. Looks like it was a wonderful birthday! Here's to a great year!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! love the cupcake tree!
    very fun.
    Great book isn't it amazing how many wonderful patterns /quilts in it.

  6. Belated birthday wishes, LuAnn. Seems like you had a great time!! I love all the quilts in your previous post too - what an inspiring time!!

  7. Daniel is so darling, Glad that Your day was so wonderful. I'm also very thankful that you do have the book because we are going to be making some beautiful quilts.

  8. Belated birthday greetings - what a fun time you have had!
    Love Di Ford's new book to pieces!!! Agree - it has also given me a new direction in fabric selection. This book was a birthday present to me also - oh happy dreaming....
    Your Grandson (and his little shirt) is just precious.

  9. Belated happy birthday!! That book looks amazing - I have become such a fan of Di Ford.

  10. Happy Birthday, again, and Happy Mother's Day, too! LOVE your cupcake tree - what a darling idea. YOur DGS is just too cute for words! T-shirt is perfect!

  11. Your grandson is edible !
    I agree with your picks in Di's book. What to make first?
    I love the fat quarter bundle you got. What could you use that for?? :)
    All the best

  12. Happy those cupcakes...

  13. Happy Birthday! I love the book. Where do I order it?

  14. Happy Birhtday, we are embracing this one remember! Thanks for the great preview of Di Ford's book, it is on my list to buy. I always go to the Australian website at to see what are the latest patterns she had released. Your cutest grand baby in the world is getting so big so fast.

  15. Happy Birthday! The Di Ford book is yummy! Daniel's smile is infectous and so cute!

  16. Glad you had a Happy Birthday! The cupcake tree looks delicious. I have the Di Ford, too, and just love it. So many quilts...not enough time.

  17. How cute is Daniel, I love his smile.

    Congratulations, Lu Ann!!!
    I could eat one of those cupcakes just now, ja,ja,ja

  18. Your cupcake tree looks yummy and so does your book ... I like the part about what happens at grandmas house....


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