Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Shipshewana Retreat

Here's another post I saved in Drafts and forgot to publish.

Here are a few more photos of show and tell.  These were taken before show and tell.  This quilt belongs to CJ.  This is one of her Dear Janes using all music fabrics.  Beautiful!

This is another of CJs Dear Jane quilts.  I believe she has made 6 Dear Janes!

This was what Kim was working on at the retreat.  I believe this is a wedding present, so we won't see the finished quilt.  Love this pattern.

This horse and buggy is parked outside the Blue Gate Restaurant waiting to take riders on a tour of the town.

This is the shop across from the Blue Gate.   The wind chimes sound beautiful as you walk toward the door.  I had never been in this shop before;  let's go inside........

They have a lot of beautiful things..... I found this Christmas room.  

I love how they have decorated these clear vases with greenery, beads and miniature lights.  I came home with a box of these tiny little lights.  

Wizard of Oz figurines made by Jim Shore.  

Then I went on over to Yoders.  A beautiful patriotic star quilt.

Red, white and blue yo-yos.

And fabric.......

And more fabric.......

What used to be the grocery at Yoders is going to be a restaurant.  Here is a look inside the door.

And, this will most likely be the dining room.

Then I went on over to Lolly's.  Here is the display of the new Kaffe Fassett stripes.

Then on downstairs to the Cuddle Shop.  I love this fall cuddle quilt.

Here is just part of the shop.

We had a great time as always in Shipshewana and can't wait to get back again in November.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  1. Looks like such a great place to visit, LuAnn. How fun for you to get to go on a regular basis. : )

  2. I love to visit Shipshewana and haven't been there in awhile. I'm in Fort Wayne, so it's an easy drive.... time for a road trip!

  3. could you resist touching that yo-yo quilt? it looks so scrunchy, I wanted to stroke it myself!

  4. I really, really want to go to Shipshewana. One of these days . . . Those quilts from your retreat are amazing!

  5. I just love Shipshewana! I'm hoping to get down there some time this summer and hopefully before my granddaughter is born!

    I love Lolly's! That place is amazing, though I find their fabrics to be a dollar more per yard than others.

    I am so glad they are doing something with the Old Yoder's grocery store! Another restaurant will be nice.

    And speaking of Restaurants...the Blue Gate is just wonderful! The food is so good!

  6. Three beautiful quilts, and lots more to drool over...I can't wait until the show in a couple of weeks! Are you going?

    In stitches, Teresa :o)

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  8. Querida LuAnn, todo precioso, como lo que nos enseñas siempre.
    Un abrazo desde España!!!

  9. You always have great pictures from the retreats. Thanks for sharing.

  10. It looks wonderful there! Thank you for sharing!


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