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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back Home Again from Shipshewana

Here are some photos of Shipshewana decorated for Christmas. I should be at the grocery getting things for Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm sitting here remembering the fun I had last week with old friends that I see at the retreats every time and new friends that I got to know. I know you're not supposed to wish your life away, but hopefully it won't be long until we are all together again eating pie and having fun. Until next time.....

The big blue tree next door to the Blue Gate Restaurant.

The Blue Gate at night.

Inside the Blue Gate waiting to be seated.

Christmas display at the Craft Barn.

The corner opposite the Blue Gate.Christmas display inside of Yoders.

The sitting area outside of the Conference Room where we sew.

Edyta Sytar speaking to our group on Friday evening.

One of many quilts that she showed during her lecture.

This was a Christmas display at the Blue Gate that just fascinated me. The glass container has greenery and white Christmas lights inside that were blinking on and off. They had some red shiny decorations mixed in, and it was eye catching. Somehow I've got it in my head that I'm going to make one of these. But, I'm a bit stuck on the part where I have to put a hole in the glass container to put the lights in. After really giving it some thought, I would probably have been just as far ahead to have just bought the one in the photo. More on that later on if I decide to try it. Now to go to the grocery to get some things for Thanksgiving Dinner.


Carrie P. said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing and Have a Happy Thanksgiving. The quilt is awesome.

Julie said...

Wow, wonderful pictures! I would love to go one day.
I gave you a blog award. Visit my blog to find out about it.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hanne said...

Thanks for sharing lovely photos - I wish I were there with you!

Happy Thanksgivings to you and your family !!

Jeanne said...

LuAnn, you took some great photos in Shipshe! I usually forget to take my camera out except for show & tell. It was a terrific retreat. Your Nearly Insane quilt is just gorgeous!

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