Thursday, December 20, 2012

Knitting Needle Christmas Tree

When the Christmas season comes around each year, I think of my Mom and Dad and how Christmas used to be when I was small.  I remember each year my Mom and I would put together the Christmas tree made from Christmas ornaments and a knitting needle.  I decided to make one this year.

I thought I would be able to find the ornaments for this tree in a set but after looking several places without any luck, I decided to just collect different sizes of ornaments that I thought would work together on the tree.  I ended up finding most of these at Michael's and Dollar Tree.  One thing nice about shopping at Michael's is that each time you buy something, they give you a 40% off coupon so you can go back again where you get another 40% off coupon.

This little foam base came from Dollar Tree, too.  My daughter cut the ribbons at an angel to cover the base.  

You simply stick a knitting needle through the base and stack the ornaments on just like you see in the photo.

A nice childhood memory..........

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