Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Decorating

I'm a bit late decorating for Halloween this year, but I have my orange lights out front on the bushes, and I found a tomato cage at Lowes so that I could make my tomato cage ghost again this year.

I think he looks a bit lonely standing there by himself so I might make him a friend or two next year.

Here is what it takes to make the ghost:

A tomato cage.  (If you have one left from your garden, that is a great way to recycle it.)
Some duct tape to secure the prongs of the tomato cage at the top.
Tent stakes or something to anchor the ghost into the ground.
String of 100 Christmas lights.
An old sheet or piece of inexpensive white fabric.
Permanent marker to draw the face on the ghost.

There are more detailed photos of  how I did this in last year's post titled Tomato Cage Ghost.  I didn't take as many photos this time.  

I hope that you you are all ready for Halloween.

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