Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sonoma Rose Block Tutorial

This is the Road to Triumph Ranch block that I showed in my post reviewing the Jennifer Chiaverini book Sonoma Rose.  I have had a couple of requests to do a tutorial on how I made these blocks.  

You will need either a jelly roll....

You can use any 2 1/2" wide strips.

You need an equilateral triangle or another way to measure a 60 degree triangle.

The center hexagon is 1".

Put 2 of the 2 1/2" strips together and cut a 4 1/2" section.

Sew together along the long side.

Place the center line of the ruler on the seam line and the 3 1/2" line along the bottom edge.

Sew the six sections together, and then sew a 1" hexagon over the center of the block.  I turn the blocks over and cut away the bulk where all of the seams come together in the center.

I'm auditioning a different setting fabric.

These blocks go together pretty quickly.  I'm not sure whether I'll make a small quilt or a table topper.

Hope you are doing some stitching this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!  
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