String Block Tutorial

This is a tutorial of how I make string blocks.  I know there are different ways of doing this, but this is my version.

There is so much information on the internet that we don't use phone books here anymore so I put them to good use making string blocks.  The books we get now have smaller pages and are perfect to use to make 6 inch blocks.   I first tear or cut the pages out.
You can also use a scribble pad to make larger blocks.  I found this one at the dollar store.
I trim the blocks down to 6 inches. 

String blocks are pretty forgiving, but after doing a few blocks I decided that it would help to draw a dark diagonal line on the block foundation to help center that first string.

Next go to your string bag and pull out a pile of scraps.  If you want, you can control the colors or just pull scraps at random.  For this group of blocks, I just tried to pull brights.  I did cut black strips at 1 1/2" to make a strong diagonal line that was consistent down the center of each block.

Drop a couple of pins in this first strip just to keep it from shifting.   
 Put a bright strip on top of the black strip, right sides together and sew.
 Press open either with your iron or finger press.
 Add the next strip right sides together and sew.
 Press open and continue until the entire half of the page is covered. 

Turn the block around and sew strips to the other side until the foundation is completely covered.
Trim the block to 6 inches. 
These blocks can also be string pieced to speed up the process. 
Now comes the fun part.  After you have a pile of blocks you can have fun designing your quilt.
Here is one setting.
 And another setting. 
 Still a different setting.   Notice that I have used the same fabrics on either side of the black center strip.  Then I used those same fabrics in triangular shapes at the corners.  This just gives a different design element to your blocks depending on the setting. 
Here is a string block in a calmer group of fabrics.

These blocks are a lot of fun and are a great way to use up your scraps.  Enjoy!!!

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