Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sonoma Rose Block Tutorial

This is the Road to Triumph Ranch block that I showed in my post reviewing the Jennifer Chiaverini book Sonoma Rose.  I have had a couple of requests to do a tutorial on how I made these blocks.  

You will need either a jelly roll....

You can use any 2 1/2" wide strips.

You need an equilateral triangle or another way to measure a 60 degree triangle.

The center hexagon is 1".

Put 2 of the 2 1/2" strips together and cut a 4 1/2" section.

Sew together along the long side.

Place the center line of the ruler on the seam line and the 3 1/2" line along the bottom edge.

Sew the six sections together, and then sew a 1" hexagon over the center of the block.  I turn the blocks over and cut away the bulk where all of the seams come together in the center.

I'm auditioning a different setting fabric.

These blocks go together pretty quickly.  I'm not sure whether I'll make a small quilt or a table topper.

Hope you are doing some stitching this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!  
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  1. Wow, beautiful job, LuAnn! Did you figure this out all by yourself? I'm impressed. Such pretty little blocks!

  2. What a great block - thanks for showing us how you made it - I can see some of these happening for me!

  3. Love this LuAnn.. Wondering about your ruler..Do you remember where you got it? I couldn't see the brand. I'm looking for a small 60 degree ruler, I have the small equilateral triangle, but I like the other markings that is on yours.

  4. Clever girl. I love the blocks. Thanks for the instructions.

  5. It is lovely LuAnn! You share the most inspiring projects, I want to try everything you turn out. Thank you for posting with pictures.

  6. Thanks so much, LuAnn!!! It looked more difficult. You used such beautiful fabrics...!

  7. Very cool - I love this in Kaffe fabrics. Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. These are really great. Very simple, but it doesn't look simple. I really love it!

  9. Nice tutorial. I love both backgrounds.

  10. Nice blocks. Great tute! It's brilliant to stitch the two pieces together first and then cut... neat idea. Thank you. I've never worked w/Kaffe's fabrics... but wow the colors sure grab me.

  11. oh WOW..LuAnn great tutorial and lovely colors...

  12. Fabulous Fun!! They do look fast and I enjoy seeing your fabric choices.
    Well done.

  13. Very yummy LuAnn. Very good tutorial Thank you. Can't wait to see the end result.

  14. Wow!!!!!!!! That is some beautiful colors you have in your blocks. I really like the polka dots as a background. Really looking forward to seeing more.

    blessings, jilly

  15. LuAnn, what a wonderful tutorial. Love that polka dot background. Reminds me of Kaffe F. for sure.

  16. Thank you for this fabulous tutorial! You've really simplified this block - such a time saver!
    I love the cheerful Kaffe prints - you're blocks are gorgeous!

  17. wow it looks fabolus, thanks for this great tutorial, I´ll try it some day..
    First of all, I´ll sign in as a follower to your blog.
    You are very velcome to visit my blog too.

  18. I think when I started this quilt I never would be able to stop ;-), it is great!


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