Loose Threads: Welcome to my blog!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome to my blog!!

I enjoy reading blogs about quilting, knitting and stitching. I love seeing pictures of new fabrics, blocks, yarns and stitcheries that others are working on. I have even saved and printed some of your photos for inspiration. For months I have lurked and enjoyed but never left a comment.

I have several unfinished projects in the works that I am trying to complete. They are in different stages from fabrics and patterns stored in plastic bags to blocks that just need to be put together. Currently I am working on the Nearly Insane quilt by Liz Lois. As soon as I figure out how to post a photo of my block chart, I will show you my progress.

I hope you will check back often to see how many loose threads I am able to finish. Thanks for visiting.


Kim said...

Should be fun! I can't wait to

Takako said...

Welcome to blogland!!
You are definitely one of us who have many UFOs and enjoy working on them at different stage. Hope to see your quilts in progress soon!!

Megan Carroll said...

Hi LuAnn
Good for you starting a blog. I've enjoyed linking up with other quilters world-wide and sharing comments. Thanks for your comment on my blog recently. I've left you a reply. Cheers

Jeanne said...

Welcome to blogland! I'm so happy that you have started blogging. It's a wonderful way to meet people and see the projects and ideas of other quitlers. Those log cabin blocks go really fast if the logs are cut ahead of time. I really want to get mine done before the fall Shipshe Retreat.

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