Loose Threads: Genealogy, Crochet and Some Quilting

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Genealogy, Crochet and Some Quilting

I've been working on some genealogy lately. I've met a lot of people on line over the years that are researching the same lines that I am. Several of us are putting together a website and compiling our info into one place. Here is my contribution - the family Fracktur. Fracktur is a piece of Pennsylvania German folk art created sometime between 1740 and 1860. This one was probably created sometime around 1811 after the last child was born. I am the 6th generation, and since I have no brothers (or sisters), the Mason line is broken with me. So I really want to put my research into writing.

There is artwork inside on the left side of each page. The right side of the page has the name of each child on it as well as the birth date. All of the artwork and writing has been done by pencil of some sort. I'm also crocheting around the edge of fleece to make blankets to donate to Project Linus to distribute to children. This is easy TV work in the evenings.We have a 3" block exchange at our next Dear Jane retreat up in Shipshewana. I can't show photos right now because those little blocks are always a surprise when we have our exchange. More photos later.
Hope you find some time for stitching.

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Julie said...

The Fractur is very cool! What a nice thing to have.

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