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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Best Friend is Sick

This is my best friend, Mr. Kitty. He has been sneezing and generally not feeling well, so I took him to the vet last Wednesday. He was dehydrated and had a 104.5 fever which is pretty high for a cat. He has also lost a little over 4 pounds since last year's visit. So my options were to take him home with oral antibiotics or to leave him there at the animal hospital until they could hydrate him intravenously and give him iv antibiotics. I decided it would be best to leave him there. The vet ran blood tests and found that he has an overactive thyroid. He was there for 2 days, and he came home on Friday morning. He seems to be doing a lot better, but it has been a trick to get him to eat. His nose is still pretty stuffed up, and the food has to be really stinky for him to show interest in it.

These are blankets I've made to donate to Project Linus. I say that I made these blankets, but they are fleece that I've bought, and used my trusty new rotary cutter tool to perforate the edges of the fleece, and then I crochet a border around the edges. I've found some really cute kid prints, and the crocheting around the edge is great TV work. I love knitting, but I've crocheted for about 40 years, and I can do that a lot faster.

These are preemie hats that I make and donate to Newborns in Need. There are about 200 preemies born in this county every month. I have a tiny circular needle that I knit these hats on, and I usually carry it in my purse with some yarn.

Time for Mr. Kitty's medicine. More tomorrow.


Catherine said...

Oh, poor Mr. Kitty. One of our kitties had thyroid issues. There were any number of tricks I tried to make the food more enticing. Sometimes heating it up for a second in the microwave really helps bring out the odour for them.

scraphappy said...

Those project Linus blankets are so cute. It looks like they would work up in a hurry. What a cute rotary cutter. I have a little hat just like that for my daughter who was born at 35 weeks and 5 pounds.

Susan said...

Thank goodness you took Mr. Kitty to the vet for treatment! I hope he's back to himself and feeling better in no time.

Your fleece blankets are wonderful! I really need to order on of those skip stitch blades...what a great way to use up odds and ends of leftover yarn!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Aw poor kitty. Four pounds is a lot for a cat to loose! Even for a human. I hope kitty gets better. Cute stuff.

Julie said...

Poor Mr. Kitty. He is lucky to have such a good friend to take care of him. I hope he gets well soon.
Your blankets are very cute!!

QuiltedSimple said...

I hope Mr. Kitty is on the mend! And you've got lots of cute Project Linus blankets...

Hanne said...

Very speedy recovery to your dear furry friend !!

Have a lovely time Shipshewana - have fun - enjoy the whole thing - please eat some pie for me - raspberry marang please - and a Pretzel pretty please :-)
Enjoy your shopping too ! I will be there in spirit. You will find me to the right at Lolly's, among the CW repros :-))

Say Hello to all from me! I had to change computers and have lost my address book.

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