Loose Threads: Another Visit to Alabama

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Visit to Alabama

I flew to Huntsville, Alabama, last Friday to help my daughter pack her apartment. She is moving to Lafayette, Indiana, to attend Purdue University to get her masters degree in Statistics. We drove back here to Indianapolis yesterday and brought a car full of her things including Squeaky, her cat. This is the huge tree in Indianapolis International Airport. While we were in Alabama, we took a break from packing to make a last walk through Bridge Street and enjoy the Christmas decorations there. It was warm enough on Monday evening that we sat on one of the benches next to the tree and ate ice cream.
Here is the sunset over the lake our last evening in Huntsville.
In the evenings we spent time knitting and I finished the pair of Malibrigo worsted weight socks. I got this yarn from a friend for my birthday in April so this wasn't a speedy finish - but a finish nonetheless.
Hope you are finding some time this holiday season to do some stitching.


Jeanne said...

Squeaky is a gorgeous cat! Best wishes to your DD as she works towards her masters degree.

Julie said...

I love Squeaky. I am sure you will be glad to have your daughter closer to you now.

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