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Friday, March 19, 2010

What I've Been Up To Lately

This week my daughter, Kim, has been here visiting since it is her spring break from Purdue. We've been busy and have been having fun. Bill took today off work, so we went to see a couple of movies. This morning we saw Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter. It was good but not quite what I expected. It has been so many years since I read the book that I don't know how closely this movie follows the book.
Then this evening we went to see Avatar. This is not quite the type of movie that I would choose, but I'm glad I saw it. It was interesting with lots of special effects. Do you remember back in the day when we used to wear those 3-D glasses with one red lens and one blue lens? Well both movies that we saw today were in 3-D. Things don't quite jump out at you like they used to, but it does give the movies a little extra something. I've read where this is the wave of the future for movies and that there are many more to come out in 3-D in the future. I brought my glasses home for a blog picture, but at some point I'll take them back to the theater and drop them in the recycle box. I've also been doing a little handwork. Here is a basket weave baby blanket I've been knitting. I really love this pattern. It was a pattern that the owner of Knitting Today in Wolcotville, Indiana, gave me a couple of years ago when I was there. I've also had the fever to crochet a granny square baby blanket so here is the one I've been working on. I'm almost out of yarn so this might be about the finished size.
Hope you are all finding some time to stitch....or knit or crochet today.
Hope you are all finding some time to stitch....or knit or crochet today.


Lea-Ann said...

The blanket looks lovely! Thanks for mentioning the store....

QuiltedSimple said...

we've been wanting to see both of these movies, but i think i'm going to wait until they come out on dvd. our movie theater is rather expensive. the blanket is very lovely

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