Thursday, August 26, 2010

String Blocks Finished

Today  I finished a pile of string blocks.  A few months ago - I can't remember exactly when - I joined the It's A String Thing Challenge over on Stacey's blog.  The button is over in my sidebar to the right.  We were to make one string quilt a month and donate it to our favorite charity.  I made this block a couple of months ago but wasn't quite sure I liked the colors so I put it aside.

Then I found a stack of bright fabrics that I cut up for a set of string blocks.  Most of the strips are cut at 1 1/2" but there are others that are varying widths.

These are the blocks that I've made in the last couple of days.  There are two different sizes.  I'm working on a setting.
Then I found this fabric that I really like with the blocks.....maybe a border?
These are really a lot of fun.   On these blocks I spent time drawing diagonal lines on all of my foundation papers so my black strip would be straight down the center.  As I worked I realized that I could just fold the paper in half to mark the center, which went a lot faster.  I will try and add a tutorial in a day or two.

I think there are enough blocks in the above photo for a quilt, so I started on blocks for a second string quilt.  They are a bit like potato can't make just one.  I like the strong diagonal lines.

A different setting possibility. 
And another:
These are a lot of fun and pretty fast to make. 
I don't know if there is enough of the floral for a border for both quilts.
With luck I'll get the quilt top sewn together this weekend.  Then I'll go over and post a photo on It's A String Thing Challenge Blog.      Happy stitching everyone!!!!


  1. LuAnn all the blocks look fantastic....I may have to try some of these...

  2. It is really amazing that the floral fabric looks so good with both sets of blocks. It looks like a different fabric when placed with different blocks.

    I keep some string blocks going but so far not enough to make a quilt yet.

    Great job of getting enough done for a quilt.

  3. I think I would have a narrow border around the blocks before I put the flowered fabric -- it will serve to stop the patterning of the string blocks before you introduce another busy pattern to the mix. Love the colors!

  4. Let me clarify my comment -- I think I would put a narrow border of black between the flowered border and the string blocks.
    (Just any narrow border wouldn't work but the narrow black would tie it all together -- then you could bind in black and that would repeat the narrow inside border.])


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