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Friday, September 24, 2010

Visit to Tennessee Quilts

On vacation last week, we made a stop at Tennessee Quilts in Jonesboro, Tennessee.  I asked my hubby if it was on the way to Asheville, and he said it was even though we took some back roads that did a lot of twists and turns.  I am sure I was only in the store for 8 or 10 minutes, but he said it was an hour and a half.  I couldn't imagine how I could lose track of time in a quilt shop.  I have ordered from Tennessee Quilts on line before, so I knew they had some Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I wasn't prepared for the number of bolts I saw.  They told me that they were pretty sure that they had every Kaffe fabric.  I can believe it.  I did do a bit of shopping (VBG).   I'll show you photos in my next post. 

This wall is all Kaffe.....and this isn't all of it.
Here is a closer look.  Notice up above the bolts there are groupings of 6 or 8 fabrics.  Those are bundles that they sell.  I picked up several bundles, but when it was all said and done I just bought yardage.  It was a bit like Hancocks of Paducah - kind of overwhelming.  I wanted one of everything. 
More Kaffe with some Paula Nadelstern to the left.  Over on the display at the right there is a pillow made from Kaffe fabric. 
This wasn't all Kaffe, but some of it was.  Notice the umbrella made from Kaffe fabric hanging from the ceiling.  It was a gorgeous shop, and I wish I had taken more photos. 
The bathroom was decorated in a pink flamingo theme.  The bathroom mirror had pink flamingo lights draped across it. 
There was even a pink flamingo wall hanging in the stall. 

This is the beautiful brick building that houses Tennessee Quilts.  Jonesboro was a pretty town.  I wish I could have spent more time there. 
The rockers on the front porch made you feel welcome even before entering.
More views of the mountains on the drive to the quilt shop.
The photo above was taken from the elevation of 2,966 feet.  We were a lot higher than that on the drive back through the Smoky Mountains.  I wasn't the only tourist taking photos of the signs.  There were even people posing beside different signs having their photo taken.  Yep, guilty! 

Happy Fall to everyone!!!!!!
I am working on my center of the Kim McLean Hearts and Flowers quilt that is in the Kaffe Fassett book Quilt Romance, and I will post it over on the Glorious Applique' blog after I get more of it stitched.  Hope you are all stitching today, too. 


Barb said...

Oh my, that store is just awesome....you sure it was just 10 minutes? HA!! Cant wait to see what you purchased.

Mary Lou Casada said...

LuAnn! What fun!! I've been salivating over all those fabulous colors and fabrics at Glorious Applique -- there seems to be a bunch of us tempted to jump in!! :-D The more the merrier! There's not much of the Kaffe around here; might be time for a road trip!! (TN quilts isn't that far -- 'bout 3 1/2 hours! :-D)
Mary Lou

Staci said...

Wow! What a store! You must have really enjoyed looking at all the pretties! Eager to see your purchases.

Manoli C. said...

I've seen your hand to work and I love it. Your site is wonderful. I hope you visit my blog and we'll keep in touch. See you, bye!!!

Manoli C. said...

Ah!!! LuAnn, translator please!!! I'dont understand you. Thank...
(Google translate)

judith lockhart said...

That is so cool that you went to Tennessee Quilts. I have shopped there online several times (yes, they have lots of Kaffes), but I've never seen the store. Thanks for sharing. They always are so prompt with their orders and only charge postage necessary.

blauraute said...

What a shop, I've never seen something like that.
Thank you for your nice pictures from your trip.
Have a nice creative weekend.

Maria said...

What a wonderful fabric store. I have never seen anything like it. thanks for sharing.

Renee said...

Lucky, lucky lady. That is the kind of shopping I've only dreamed of. Lovely photos, thanks so much for sharing them.

Jeanne said...

That looks like a fun shop to explore. The scenery is beautiful, too.

Christine said...

That store just looks fantastic, might have to visit their website as I would like to buy more of Kaffe spots and I saw them in one of your pictures.


karenfae said...

what a wonderful looking store that is!! Where is it located at? I will have to put it on my list of places to look for when we travel out east sometime.

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