Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Design Wall Tuesday?

As I surf around blogland on Monday mornings, I always see bloggers talking about Design Wall Monday.  Well, up until this past weekend, I just had a piece of foam core board that I'd bought at Hobby Lobby to use for a design wall.  It was 4' X 6', and I couldn't use the bottom corner because I had to really bend it to fit it into my car.  That board would hold a few blocks but not enough that I could arrange them into a larger sized quilt.  For a long time I have had Design Wall Envy.  I first saw this idea for a design wall over on Susan's blog, The Thread and I.    Then I went to a friend's house, and she had used the same concept except that her husband had nailed her design wall to the wall using boards.  So I asked Bill if he might fix a design wall in my sewing room.  His first question was, "Which wall?"   So I began moving and shifting things, and here it is......tah dah!!!!   a blank wall.
First thing he did was nail 1" X 2" boards into the studs.  I guess that was in case things didn't go well and I might hang on the wall?  
Then he nailed this sheet insulation to the boards.  I didn't think we would be able to get this insulation home, but there is an aluminum sort of sheet on the back side.  So before we left the hardware, he just made a slit down the center of the sheets of insulation and folded them in half.  Then when he got them home he just used duct tape. 
I bought 6 yards of a tan flannel at JoAnns with my coupon and pieced it down the center into one large piece.
I used these T Pins along the edges to fasten the flannel to the design wall.
I was so excited to put blocks up on the new wall, that I forgot to take a picture of it all finished.  These blocks are only taking up a part of the wall. 

When you turn from the design wall and look out the window, this is the view from my sewing room window.

Hope you are all stitching today!!!!


  1. Oh Happy Day........... No more Design Wall Envy..............

  2. Lu, I don't know which is better -- the view of the design wall or the view out the window!! :-D I'm guessing the nailing-to-the-studs was in case you had to hang HIM on the wall...(You never know with husbands! LOL). Makes me want to do something a little more permanent than the flannel sheet I have tacked to the wall (when we repaint, it's going to be spackle city! :-D).
    Mary Lou

  3. Yes, yes, YES!! Thanks for the tutorial. I really like the tan flannel idea. I have my old, nasty, PINK, thermal blankie from college hanging on my design wall. I've just been pinning stuff to that, which looks like total CRAP! I think I need to plan an upgrade! Thanks for the tips.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. Okay, now I have design wall envy! I've got a flannel backed table cloth stuck on my wall! (and since this is a rental, that's all I'll ever have!) Wow! Your hubby ROCKS! That is wonderful!

  5. I just took down my design wall....it was a piece of queen sized batting that I had hemmed on top and bottom and put large dowel sticks in..one to put between two curtain rod hooks on my windows and one to weigh it down at the bottom. So what can I say....after having it for about a year, I needed the batting...for batting.

  6. What a wonderful design wall.....lucky you!!!! Are you doing the dance?

  7. Congratulations on your new design wall. It looks fabulous. My poor flannel backed tablecloth and thumbtack set up is feeling very pitiful by comparison.

  8. Lu,
    your design wall ist wonderful, good idea. The view of your sewing room window is great. Have a look on my blog, than you can see fall in Germany, it is the view of my seewing room.
    Have a nice day and greetings from Germany

  9. Oh, I could not live without my design wall. congrats on yours.

  10. Okay, as others have said, my white sheet hanging on the walljust doesn't even pale in comparison. Lol. Very nice. ALso the view out your window is sweet! Have a great day.

  11. Great job. What a nice design wall. I still use my design sofa, but I think I could use your idea.

    Can't wait to see what you are making from here on in.

  12. LuAnn - thanks for this post. Finding a good design wall is a challenge. I love the other view you have too. What an inspiring place! ; )

  13. Beautiful view. How do you feel about the tan flannel? From this end, I think it looks great. Just curious what made you choose that color? I'm getting ready to change mine. I used felt instead of flannel and things keep falling off. It is now white. Any suggestions.

  14. You will soon wonder how you ever made quilts without your design wall. They are great! You chose a good color of flannel, too.

  15. What a great design wall.


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