Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hearts and Flowers Applique'

I've been stitching away on my Hearts and Flowers applique' quilt by Kim McLean.  While I've been working on this, I've also been working on a round robin quilt that I can't show you here right now.....but later in November I will after we are all finished and get our own quilts back.  

The leaves in the photo below are part of row 3 of the Hearts and Flowers quilt. 
 The hearts will alternate on the third border with the leaves.   I have to put the four corners on the hearts to make square in a square blocks. 
 This is my center square so far.  I posted it over on the Glorious Applique blog earlier this week.  I still have a few of the berries left to add and some of the tongues around the outside.   This center measures28 inches now to be trimmed down to 25 inches before sewing on the second border.  I believe this is the largest applique' block I've ever done.  I am enjoying working with all of these gorgeous fabrics and having fun fussy cutting pieces for the leaves, flowers and berries.  The quilt pattern is in Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance book. 
This pot of chrysanthemums is sitting outside my front door.  I love fall and all of the gorgeous color. 

I hope you are all taking some time to do some stitching today or are outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.


  1. That's just lovely. The colors are amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product. Take care.

  2. Luann, your glorious applique is just that - glorious!! :-) I love how you are using Kaffe fabrics and I'm having to hold myself back from jumping in, in spite of blood oaths to wait 'til I finish Circuit Rider. LOL
    My mums are a blaze of red, yellow and that funky gold color! :-) Doncha just love fall!?
    Mary Lou

  3. What a lovely quilt this is going to make!

  4. Your applique looks great!

  5. That applique is just amazing LuAnn...the fabrics are stunning..

  6. Luann,
    I could only say: wonderful!!!!!!
    The colors are very amazing. Can't wait to see it finished.
    I love the fall too.
    Have a nice day.
    Greetings from Germany

  7. What amazing colors those fabrics have. It must make them fun to work on.

  8. Your flowers are just beautiful!

    Your block is coming right along! Those tongues around the heart look hard, and yours have turned out so well! I'm enjoying watching your project coming together.

  9. I love your blocks! If I didn't have so many UFOs around here, I could talk myself into doing this quilt. Looking forward to seeing the RR quilts in November.

  10. The applique is looking good! An I love your Chrysanthemums - don't they always put on a good show :)

  11. I'm enjoying your Kim McLean journey...I just received Stars and Sprigs...can't wait to jump in!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  12. Your applique is stunning! Love the fabrics you're using!

  13. Very pretty block...the colors are so vibrant! I am sewing and outside...I try to do both, but it's still quite warm here!

  14. What a gorgeous center! Your fabrics are just beautiful!


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