Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cotton Boll Part 2 and Some Shopping

Here is part 2 of the Roll Roll Cotton Boll Mystery from Bonnie Hunter.  Today she published part 3, and it is string piecing 60 8 1/2" blocks with neutrals or fabrics that have a mostly neutral feel to them.  I will need to dig deep into my stash to find things that are as interesting as the examples that she had on her web site.  I'm going to try really hard to use what I have in my stash. 
Speaking of my stash, I did a  bit of shopping at Lolly's when I was at the Dear Jane retreat up in Shipshewana, Indiana, the week before Thanksgiving.  I had some requests to show what I had in my shopping bags.  Here are a few of those things. 

I bought some bricks, stones and roofing.  You never know when you are going to need to have some things for a building or a roof, right?   I thought they should be in my stash so I bought just a bit of each one. 

Then there was the Kaffe display.  Ahhhh Kaffe.  My local quilt shop just started carrying a few bolts of Kaffe, but before this I had to order on line.  So it was really nice to be able to handle the fabrics and see them in person and pull them off the shelf to be cut.  These are just some that I was sure that I didn't already have.  These plus the 4 that Vicki shared with me made a nice addition to my Kaffe collection. 
 Then I had breakfast with Gretchen, one of the local gals that belongs to the Moda club at Lolly's.  After we ate, we walked on over to Lolly's, and as I stood there looking at the Kaffe fabrics again, she pulled open a drawer in the cabinet and told me that there were Kaffe fat quarters in there.  Well, that was a surprise, and I didn't have these so I grabbed a basket and this is what I ended up with. 

 These were just some things that I saw underneath a display and decided that they would be nice to have.  They would go well with my Kaffe fabrics or they would make a nice border.  I guess these fall into the "pick me up and buy me" category.  You've all found those fabrics. 
I'm sort of going back and forth between liking brights and still enjoying my reproduction fabrics.  I bought a few more things than this, but need to organize them, and take photos.   I really hadn't done a lot of fabric shopping for a long time, so I used this trip to sort of stock up!!  

Hope you are finding some time to stitch. 


  1. I love your building materials! What great prints! They will be wonderful in some appliqued project. Your Kaffe stack is just glowing with gorgeous color! I'll bet you've spent a goodly amount of contented time just admiring it.

  2. Dear LuAnn! I like your blog. You do a beautiful things. I am Nika from Russia. Please welcom to my blog! I made a quilt too.

  3. I'm watching your cotton boll with interest, good on you for keeping up. You're doing a great job of replacing the fabrics you're using in this quilt!!

  4. I absolutely love the brown and pink fabrics from Lolly - brings me good memories :-)

  5. Dear LuAnn,
    you are so busy. I think your day have more than 24 hours!!!
    The new fabrics you've bought are very nice. The Kaffe fabrics are great. The choise of them here is not big.
    Have a nice day and best wishes

  6. Gracias por tu visita y tus palabras tus trabajos son tambien esplendido asi que seguire visitandote .Saludos


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