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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My New Christmas Gadget

This is one of my Christmas presents, a Droid Incredible phone.  It definitely lives up to its name and does not disappoint.  I haven't had a new cell phone for a bit over 3 years, and you can imagine how technology has changed in that amount of time.  This phone is like carrying a little computer in your purse.  When you hear those commercials on radio and TV that say, "There's an app for that". well they are right.  You will notice that I found the Starbucks app.  It tracks my location and will map the nearest several Starbucks to where I am located......priceless. 
It also has an app for a knitting counter.  My real knitting counter is keeping track of the heel I am turning on a pair of worsted weight socks right now so this one came in handy.
There is a voice recorder so you can dictate things to yourself that you can't take the time to write at the moment. 
There are free books you can download and read on the phone.  Right now I'm reading Pride and Prejudice.
I can check e-mail and surf the internet.  And, I can even read blogs on this phone. 
I'm still learning what this will do, but so far I've found lots of things that will make life easier and more convenient.  

I also got a couple of yarn and quilty things for Christmas, too.  I'll post them tomorrow after I take photos of them.  I've done some sewing and knitting, but mostly have just been enjoying spending time with family.  Hope you all had a nice Christmas, too!!! 


blauraute said...

Dear LuAnn,
I think it's great to have such a phone. There are so many possibilities to use it. I hope it makes your daily life easier.
Have a nice day, perhaps in your sewing room.

Quiet Quilter said...

So many things your phone can do....technology is here to stay...an all-in-one tool.

Lucky you!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great prezzie...

Kathie said...

how fun is that! a starbucks app!
I need to see if I get on on my iphone!
isn't it amazing what these phones do now adays!
I didn't think I really needed this iphone a few months ago but boy have I been surprised how much I use it, especially the camera!

Milah said...

I recently got one too! Check out these apps,
GeoCoupons - you just show the coupon to the retailer from the phone.
Gas Buddy - shows you where the cheapest gas is in whatever town you're in.
I love navigation and I also downloaded the bible and dictionary which has come in handy.
I'm learning to use it as well....so much to learn!

Cardygirl said...

Looks like great techno fun at your place...but can it clean the house?

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