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Monday, April 11, 2011

Visiting Rebecca's Arts and Antiques

On Day 4 of my Shipshewana retreat, I visited Rebecca's Arts and Antiques.  Today on my design wall I have the antique nine patch blocks that I bought there along with the bigger T block.  I believe Rebecca said that the nine patches were from Ohio circa 1930.  For some reason I only bought 19 blocks, and I could use 25 for the arrangement below.  So I'll either have to come up with a different arrangement or call Rebecca and have her save me 5 more of the blocks.
The two color applique' is called Sunflowers and is from Pacific Rim Quilt Company.  I finished the hand applique' on it during the retreat.
Here is Rebecca's Arts and Antiques.  She has lots of vintage items in her shop for sale including antique quilts, quilt tops, and blocks.  If you get to Shipshewana, Rebeccas is a must see.  The shop has wooden floors, and when you take that first step inside it will bring back memories of when you were younger. 
Here are just a few of the things inside of Rebeccas.
There are lots of beautiful quilts for sale.  The stack of quilts at the far left corner of the photo are quilt tops for sale.
More quilts.
Baskets, wooden spoons, dishcloths, wooden clothes dryers, baskets and more.
More quilts.
This one is striking.
Interesting pattern in these blocks.
One friend purchased this quilt.
Another friend purchased both of these.
Another friend purchased this top and some backing to finish the quilt.
Thanks to Judy L. for hosting Design Wall Monday.  Welcome to my new followers and thanks to everyone for visiting. 


Editfolt said...

Ez nagyon jó hely lehet.

Jane in Wales said...

Wow, you did get some lovely fabrics. I look forward to seeing what you will do with them.
Those quilts all look lovely too! Shipshewana looks like a great place.

Raewyn said...

What a great place to visit - Rebecca's looks like a fascinating place to spend a few hours.
I like your two projects - wouldn't it be interesting to know the story behind the 9-patches and T-block, and reassuring to know that even quilters from the 1930's had UFOs and it's not just something the modern world suffers from!

Maria said...

Oh so many beautiful quilts and interesting things to see. Thanks for showing us.

Rabid Quilter said...

Oh my Goodness! What a treasure trove! Good thing I live in California--LOL!

Karen said...

Beautiful sunflowers! Pacific Rim has some lovely patterns. I think I remember Rebecca's Arts and Antiques from the inside photos. Lots of wonderful ideas for quilts.

Linda said...

Gorgeous!! I love visiting that shop too!! Makes me miss Shipshe! :-)

Fiona said...

I like the setting you have with the 9 patch and T blocks, maybe Rebecca can keep watch for some fabric that will "go" with it as I have bought some vintage fabric from her in the past.

The colours look very dark for the 1930's and I wonder if they are not closer to 1910, but stitched during the 1930's? Have you tried the Reproduction Fabrics website? - Margot has a great collection.

Mama Pea said...

Great stuff. That shop looks dangerous! Thanks for sharing!

ranette said...

LuAnn, I have been enjoying all of your Shipshewana posts....thank you!
Someday I will get to visit Rebecca's.
I took a class last week from Nancy Chong of PRQC and I enjoyed it. Love your Sunflowers quilt.

blauraute said...

It must be wonderful to visit this great place. Thank you so much for showing us.
Have nice day

Brenda Kay said...

I have so enjoyed seeing all the great photos from your trip. Wish I could experience it all in person, but this is great.

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