Friday, October 14, 2011

Cherry Pit Shopping

Here is my little bag of goodies from The Cherry Pit.  From the comments I received, a lot of you know right where the shop is and have either visitied and shopped there or are involved in one of their Block of the Month programs.  There was a lot to choose from.  I love using charm packs so I bought 2 Sophie and 2 Butterscotch and Roses.  I also bought 1/3 yards of 3 pieces of the Sophie line.  I wanted to bring home one of the Pit Designs patterns from the store, so I chose the Autumn Banner.  At first I had 5 of the tea towels picked up for purchase but decided that was a bit ambitious, so I bought just one and 2 of the large spools of quilting thread.  I came to my senses at the last second and remembered I was trying hard to finish up some UFOs before I left home a week ago. 

I bought the magazine at Wal-Mart when we went in to buy a new mouse for my laptop because my other one died.  There was a shop sample at The Cherry Pit that looked quite a bit like the cover quilt on this magazine.  They had used batik scraps in their quilt, and it was gorgeous.  I love this scrap quilt, and it looks easy to cut and put together.

You are probably tired of mountain photos by now, but here is an early morning photo of the fog lifting before the sun comes up.  I would never tire of this view.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!!

I hope you're finding some time to stitch today! 
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