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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gees Bend Quilt and Blogger Award

I usually don't write anything medical on my blog because I want this to be a happy place to see quilt and yarn projects.  But, yesterday I spent the morning in the emergency room after having some problems and passing out here at home.  They are pretty sure that I passed a kidney stone, and there will be more poking and proding to come this week.  But, there is a quilt connection in all of this.  This all started before 8 am yesterday morning, so my husband went to the cafeteria to eat some breakfast.  When he came back he showed me his cell phone.  He had found a quilt and taken a photo.  So after I was dismissed we went back so I could see the quilt.  It turns out it was made by several Indianapolis Quilt Guild members.  Some blocks were quilted in big stitch with perle cotton and others were machine quilted.   I'm glad that I was able to see this work of art.

I love the last line: 

Fabric donated by our community as a special gift in honor of loved ones and precious memories.
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In the last couple of weeks I have received the Versatile Blogger Award from two of my readers.

I first received the award about 3 weeks ago from Marta at http://polkadotclassic.blogspot.com/

Then last week I received the award from Raewyn at http://stitchingfarmgirl.blogspot.com

When Marta gave me the award I linked back to one of my posts last January when Staci http://theconfusedquilter.blogspot.com gave me the Stylish Blogger award. All of these awards ask that you tell 7 (or 8) things about yourself, so since I've gotten the award twice just recently, I decided to put the 8 different things about myself here for you to read.  

Here are the 8 things about me:

1. I am an only child. I am really envious of those of you that have siblings, particularly those of you that are quilters and have sisters that also quilt. I would even settle for a brother that would appreciate one of my quilts, but it wasn't meant to be. When my parents both had passed away, I somehow had the feeling of being an orphan. I know that's probably silly, but I think it was just that there was no more home to go to.

2. I went on my first date with my husband on January 18, 1973, and we were married May 19, 1973. That was a short courtship by most people's standards, but it was right. We were married 38 years this May.

3. I have two grown children; both of them are amazing people. My son composes music and to date has about 50 published pieces, and is music minister at their church. He also works part time in an elementary school media center. My daughter has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Math and will soon have her Masters Degree in Statistics.  She worked in Alabama for 2 years, and now she is at Purdue and is almost finished with her Master's Degree in Statistics. She played with the Purdue handbells last semester. Both of my children are musically inclined, and their Dad and I can barely play the radio.

4. I taught ESL (English as a Second Language). That was an interesting job. People ask me how many languages I know. I know just enough Spanish to ask for a drink of water and for directions to the restroom. Well, ok, I know a little more than that. I love it when my Spanish speaking blog readers leave me a comment or send me an email totally in Spanish. I do my best to figure out what it says before I cut and paste it into Google Translator. If I ever post a tutorial and you feel like I am explaining it as if you spoke a different language, this is why. It was a habit for several years!

5. I've quilted for 16 years or so. Before that I made a few hexagons, but had no idea what fun it would be to learn so many different quilting techniques and just how many good friends I would make along the way. Last year I entered a couple of my quilts in the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show held in Bloomington, Indiana. I was awarded a ribbon for Judge's Recognition. I had never entered anything in any quilt show before-not even a guild show-so getting the ribbon was quite a thrill.

6. I am equally as addicted to knitting and crocheting and collecting beautiful yarns as I am to quilting and collecting fabric. You will hardly ever find me just sitting somewhere. I am always working on some applique', redwork, knitting or crocheting.

7. I had a total knee replacement in June 2009. I spent a lot of time working with a physical therapist, exercising and strengthening that knee both before and after surgery, but I'm pain free and if I had to I'd do it all over again. That was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and it has definitely changed my life.

8. I love technology. I almost didn't get a convection oven because I thought I wouldn't be able to figure out how to cook with it. Boy was I wrong about that. I love my Droid phone, and I'm finding out new things about it every day. But, if you are still reading my deep, dark secret is that I love video games (and some computer games). When the Wii was just coming on the scene, I had sold a bunch of collectibles on EBay. I took part of that money and stood in line at Fry's Electronics before they opened one morning when I knew the new shipment was coming in so I could buy a Wii. I claim that I got it for the Wii Fit so I could exercise....oh really? I got it to play Mario Kart, and I love Guitar Hero. I even have 2 guitars in case anyone comes over and wants to play. If only I could play games and quilt at the same time.

9.  I'm going to add just one more.  Our first grandchild is due at the end of March, and I don't know which baby quilt to make first!!!!!!

Here is a photo of my quilt that received the ribbon. It's called It's Just A Nine Patch. The nine patches are 1 1/2" finished and there are 964 in the quilt.


There are so many great blogs out there that I find it impossible to pick just 15. One of my favorite things to do while blog surfing is to go to a new to me blog of someone wholeft a comment on one of my regular blogs. I just love seeing what everyone is working on and what fabrics they are buying.

I really appreciate all of my followers and those of you that leave comments. I try and get around to visit all of you if there is a link back to you, and I try my best to respond to your comments whenever I can.

Thanks to Marta and Raweyn for reading my blog and giving me this award.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and

visiting today!


judith lockhart said...

So sorry you ended up in the emergency room but hopefully you are feeling much better now! That was sweet of your husband to take a picture of a quilt, knowing that quilting will always cheer us up!!

Heather said...

I am so sorry to hear about your medical emergency. I hope you are feeling better and that it doesn't turn out to be too serious. Sending quilty hugs!

Quilter Kathy said...

Hope everything is ok there with your health...that must have been a scare :(
I love your 9 patch quilt and am glad that it was honoured with a ribbon!

Janet O. said...

Yikes, that sounds like a less than fun way to start the day.
Recently our local hospital built a new wing for the "Women's Center". The hallway between the original building and the new wing is lined with beautiful quilts. Fun, isn't it?
You deserve the blogging awards--and the Judge's recognition for that amazing quilt of teeny 9-patch blocks. How long did that one take to piece?

Maty Miranda said...

Hola me alegro que te hayan dado los dos premios, tú te lo has merecido. Me gusta mucho todo lo que haces y espero que te mejores y que esa piedra no te dé mas problemas.
Un beso fuerte, Maty.

Barb said...

You sure have him trained (ha!)...these men are just awesome...to think of you and even take a picture of the quilt. Hope you are doing better.

Enjoyed learning about you!

Cardygirl said...

What a big interesting read! Firstly, I hope you are feeling better. Nice to see that lovely quilt! Lovely to hear all about you & your family...so nice to know more about you!

I quilt for fun said...

LuAnn - you know I think you rock with your baby 9 patch. I have made a few and they are too cute. Your awards are well earned. Congratulations and keep drinking water!


Elly D said...

OMGoodness LuAnn! I hope you are feeling much better today and that the medics can sort out what's been happening.

Your 9 patch is absolutely AWESOME!! Well done for your ribbon that is some accomplishment :)

quilty hugs Ellyx

Vivian said...

Joining the many well-wishers, hoping you're feeling better and won't have to make another ER visit any time soon.

That quilt your husband photographed is wonderful! It looks like a fantastic blend of fabrics and colors and blocks. The last line is heartwarming.

So nice to learn about you, but you forgot to mention that you have endless patience that lets you make countless little 9-patch blocks. That quilt is definitely a winner!

Michelle said...

Oh LuAnn, I don't know first hand the pain you felt, but my Dad has Kidney stones, and when he gets an attack he is is hospital for days.I hope you are feeling better.

Oh my, your nine patch quilt is to die for.
And it sure did require their praise.

It was nice to read a little bit about you too.

Maureen said...

Oh, my! What a morning! I hope it's not too serious. Even if it isn't, take extra care of yourself this week. That is such a stressful event. Glad you got to see a funky quilt as you left the hospital. Never get bored of a quilt like that!
Thanks for sharing about yourself. You obviously spent a good bit of time writing all that. Your 9-patch is fabulous! 1 1/2"? WOW!

Staci said...

I enjoyed your post so much! Your Just a nine patch is fabulous. It deserves a more descriptive name! How about The Amazing Teeny Nine Patch of Awesomeness? Or maybe Teeny Tiny Nine Patch Perfection?
I, too, am an only child, and had that orphan feeling when my parents were gone.
Now, which child is providing the grandchild? That is so exciting!

Jen said...

Hi! LuAnne,A lovely post to read. Sorry to hear about your trip to hospital.Wow what a awesome 9 patch.Congratulations 38yrs and amazing children and musical and a grandchild soon!! You are blessed.
A secret!!I also love the pc games.At the moment I am playing Magicka.I guess I am a gamer. lol
Nice award. Stay Well.

The Civil War Quilter said...

It was fun learning all those new things about you. Sorry about the kidney stone! Ouch! Love your 9-Patch winner! congrats!

Frances Leate said...

I hope you are feeling a lot better Luanne and I have really enjoyed learning more about you. Your nine patch quilt is fabulous. Take care.

Sherry said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the recent medical issue. Hope that is all behind you now.

Your 9 patch quilt is AMAZING!!!

I haven't worked with anything so small before & don't know if I want to try it with a quilt of that size; maybe a doll quilt.

I'm very impressed!

Pat from FL and MI said...

I so enjoyed reading about you! You are so lovely, inside and out! Love your quilting and creativity. Your ribbon-winning quilt is amazing!

So sorry I can't go to Shipshe this fall. I want to stitch with you!

Supergoof said...

It was fun to read 'everything about you,... I hesitated a bit,.... shall I write in 'english' or in dutch,...

And I love your nine patch!
Jeetje wat een geweldige quilt! Ik heb meteen ontzettende zin om er ook één te maken!
Bye from The Netherlands!

Raewyn said...

LuAnn, I hope you are feeling better by now. It was lovely to learn more about you :-) Your tiny 9-patch is beautiful - a deserved award. How exciting to be expecting a grandchild - a great excuse for more sewing!

Cheri said...

I have been enjoyig your blog for a few months now, but feel I know you much better after this delightful post. Love the quilt and perfect name for it. Hope the kidney stone was a one and only and all other tests go well. Feel better,

Lorraine said...

Poor darling with your kidney stone hope you soon feel okay.
Loved reading your story very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Jersey U.K.

Kathie said...

sure hope your feeling better now!
oh my I love that nine patch quilt, thats a major accomplishment and congrats on the ribbon! well deserved.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear about your medical troubles LuAnn, hope you are feeling better now. Wonderful nine-patch and I like the Triubute to Gee's Bend.

Kris said...

Thanks for sharing your life moments. I laughed so hard when I read about your Guitar Hero/ game addiction. That is so funny. Glad you are feeling better. I have heard that there is no worse pain than a kidney stone.

Kim Andrews said...

Hope you are doing better. Will we see you in Shipshewana?

Josie said...

I hope you are feeling much better now. Must have been scarey passing out like that. Heck... I nearly passed out when I saw your 'Just a Nine Patch' quilt. It's gorgeous... what an achievment. I can't believe the size of the blocks.

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