Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Visit to The Cherry Pit

When I found out that we were fairly close to The Cherry Pit Quilt Shop and that they had been named one of Quilt Sampler's Top 10 Shops in 2005, I put them on my list of places to see this week.  This shop was well worth the visit. 

The outside of the shop looked inviting with the Cherry Pit on the front of the building and a pretty fall wreath on the door. 

And the cute window display....

I love these huge containers of flowers all over the streets.

And the inside was everything I'd hoped it would be.  Of course there was lots of fabric, but there were also lots and lots of shop samples. 

These quilts were in their classroom.

This quilt was pieced by Angela that works at the shop.  It is called Four Seasons at Minglewood and is a new block of the month they are starting.  It is just gorgeous and was oh so tempting. 

Next  was the Christmas room with more samples and a nice selection of fabrics.

I love a quilt shop that has a bed inside where quilts are displayed.  This shop not only had one bed....

They had two beds.

I love The Great Pumpkin quilt on the bed and the Anniversary Tea quilt on the wall.  These quilts are available on their web site as either block of the month programs or patterns.

Lots of eye candy in this shop.

This room had a huge display of tea towels ready for applique' or any kind of decorating and lots of towels with examples of ways to add a little applique' or a border print of fabric.

As I started to leave I looked behind me, and these 2 characters were sitting in the corner. They reminded me a lot of Bert and Ernie.

Thanks to Jane, the owner for allowing me to take these photos for my blog so you all can see some of the goodies in her shop. You can visit their web site here.  Many of the things you see in my photos are Cherry Pit exclusives. 

This big container of flowers was across the street from the shop, and I couldn't resist taking a photo.  I love how they have used red, pink, lavender and green together in this container. 

The leaves are turning more each day we are here.  The view from my porch is mostly green, but it is still breathtaking. 

What?  You are wondering if I bought anything with all of the temptation at The Cherry Pit.  Of course.  It's nearly dark so I'll take photos and post them tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. Lovely...wished I was ther too! I will check in on you tomorrow!

    Carolyn :)

  2. I visited this shop in 2003 and loved it. The shop owner was so nice and they had a wonderful selection of fabrics and books. Glad you found it and stopped in. That is a beautiful area there in the Smokies.

  3. What a cute place! You must have enjoyed your stop there.

  4. Love the Cherry Pit!! Always visit there when we visit Gatlinburg. They were just working on Minglewood when I was there. You have to visit the shop Machine Quilting by Iva while you are there. She has every pre-cut you could imagine!! Have fun!

  5. I love this darling shop. I always have a BOM going with them -- they are so nice and helpful. That Great Pumpkin quilt is one of my all time favorites! I'm glad you had a good time there!! :)

  6. What a fun shop. Thanks for sharing

  7. I have shopped at The Cherry Pit so many times and love it! Everytime we go to the mountains my husband knows we are stopping in! I bought the pumpkin pattern last time I was in and have done many BOM's.
    I am ready to go back now!

  8. Looks like a wonderful store to visit, lucky you! That Americana quilt about 6 pictures down is sure a pretty one. You never see so many quilts that you can't be inspired!

  9. Sensory Overload!! Wow, what fun. I think the quilt I loved the most was the patriotic one with all of the different stars. Very classy!

  10. What an amazing shop we have nothing like that or even close in Jersey you are lucky. Hope you bought lots of goodies.

  11. What a beautiful shop, I would love to see what you bought.

  12. Beautiful business. What a beautiful fabric!

  13. Dear LuAnn,
    what a wonderful shop, I think you stayed in paradies. I've never seen such a great shop. The view from your poch is great, I think in the next days you'll have indian summer.
    Enjoy your vacation

  14. LuAnn, I know exactly where you are now! We've stopped many times at the Cherry Pit in Sevierville. Now have you had pancakes from the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg? If not, you should go - they are the BEST!! Have fun on your trip!

  15. O what a lovely quilt shop! I love samples, they make all the difference to me when I'm shopping, and I'm more likely to buy something after seeing a sample. I envy your gorgeous view, it is spectacular!

  16. I could spend all day in that shop, it looks beautiful.

  17. Thanks for the shop tour - wonderful store! I can see why you are tempted by the block of the month project - it is gorgeous!

  18. WOWZER, what a cute shop! Tons of eye candy and inspiration, for sure. Just how in the world did you get safely out of there without matching the National Debt? rofl. Golly, I would love to visit there. Thank you for all the pictures.


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