Monday, November 28, 2011

Rebeca's Arts and Antiques Shop

I spend five days in Shipshewana when I go to the Dear Jane retreat, and I have attended this retreat twice a year for the last ten years.  So by this time I know most of the owners of the shops that I frequent by their first name, and I've learned the best places in the area to visit.  Rebecca's is an adorable shop with lots of vintage quilts, quilt tops and quilt blocks, old world Christmas ornaments, and other interesting things.  I took several photos of Rebecca Haarer's Arts and Antiques, and if you are ever in the area I hope you will stop by this shop for a visit.

There are a lot of interesting shops in town.

Here is a cute cat quilt done with embroidery.  It is a crib sized quilt which are hard to find in good condition.

I love this string quilt.  The drawers in the background are full of all kinds of antique quilt blocks.  They are reasonably priced, and you can buy as few or as many as you want.

Lots of wooden spoons and kitchen gadgets, dishcloths, books, rag rugs and baskets.

Antique quilts and paintings by local artists.

There are layers and layers of quilts to see.  Everything here is for sale.

When we want to have a long look at a quilt, Rebecca spreads it out on the bed in the shop.

Here's a beautiful red and white bow tie quilt.  I love the basket quilt hanging on the wall.

This nine patch is striking.

I love the setting.  I could only make a guess as to how old this quilt is...maybe 1930s?  

Colorful rugs and flying geese quilt.

Cute dolls and stuffed animals.

This is only a portion of the old world Christmas ornaments.  There are also Jim Shore figurines.
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Rebecca Haarer's Arts and Antiques is located at 165 Morton Street in Shipshewana, and you can also find her on Facebook.   It should definitely be on your list of must see places when you visit. 

Thanks for visiting today!
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