Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fabric Shopping

Here are some fabrics that I bought while I was at the retreat a few weeks ago.  I haven't had a lot of time for sewing lately, but if I did I think I would love to cut into some of these things that I bought. 

Both of the quilt shops that I frequent in Shipshewana (Lollys and Yoders), had big displays of black and white fabrics with both yellows and reds.  I kept coming back to the black and yellow combination, and here is what I brought home with me.  I don't really have a plan for these yet.  Any ideas?

Here are some red and white fabrics that I bought to go with some of my redwork projects.

I think they will look nice with my Norwegian Christmas Hearts project.  I finished the last two heart stitcheries at the retreat. 

This jelly roll of Kaffe Fassett is from fall 2011.  I have no plan for it yet.  It was just pretty.......

I have a little pattern that I want to do in bluework, and I think this will work for that.  I really do try to buy fabrics with a purpose in mind, but that doesn't always happen. 
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I hope you are spending some time this weekend in your sewing room.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today! 


  1. Oh you do have great taste in fabric!! I love everything you showed.. I can't wait to see what you do with those yellows and blacks.. they look just Mmmmmm together.

  2. o lovely - I can see the potential for a whole lot of sewing! I like your Norwegian Hearts stitcheries..I haven't seen them before.. is there a pattern out there? (Love to see what you do with those black and yellows).

  3. I agree about the Norwegian pretty.....Im curious also, if theres a pattern or website to purchase these?? Thanks in advance.

  4. What pretty fabric combinations. I love to do the same thing you do when shopping and that is buy fabric in groupings.

  5. I am drooling!! What gorgeous fabrics. Your stitcheries are lovely.

  6. I love fabric! Beautiful!

  7. Love the yellow, black and white. Those are the colors in my kitchen and I can add accents to fit the season, like red for Christmas, orange in the fall, pink in spring. You get the idea.

  8. love love love the fabrics!!!

  9. Do we have to have a plan for our fabrics?? I like Ricky Tims answer once when someone asked what was he going to do with all his quilts - he replied, "Look at them." So, the same can go with fabrics and one day an idea will just pop into your head and you will know what you bought it for!! Very pretty - all of them!

  10. Awwwwwww, so pretty! Every bit of it!
    Plans for using the fabric? We need those?? Can't we just adopt it? Give it a good home??

  11. Love the black/white/yellow fabrics together. Sorry, no ideas. I just want to see what you decide to do with them.

  12. So , so nice fabric choices.
    Your hearts are going to be beautiful with those reds.

  13. that black and yellow piles are calling to me too!
    lovely reds too!
    great fabric purchases, have fun!!!!
    love the last two fabrics too and I am not a blue person!
    they go so well together and are sooooo pretty

  14. The Norwegian Heart stitcheries and the red fabric is beautiful.
    I'm sure an idea will pop into your head looking at the matching fabrics over Christmas.All the fabric is lovely. Can't wait to get some new fabric myself.

  15. That was fun to see your purchases...I have many of the fabrics in your first 2 photos...we share the same great taste in fabric!

  16. What a great assortment of fabric. I'm watching football right now, so the blacks and yellows make me think of Steelers. THose reds will be beautiful with redwork.

  17. I think you made some excellent choices when buying fabric in Shipshe! When I see yellows and blacks together, I always bumblebees.

  18. I too am very interested in getting the Norwegian hearts pattern. I think I've seen it on someone's blog a long time ago, and since I'm Norwegian, I would love to embroider them. If you could tell me where it is available, I would appreciate it.

  19. Gorgeous fabrics - cannot wait to see what they become! Your stitcheries are wonderful too.

  20. Oh how lovely. I love looking at fabric (when it's in my hand it's even prettier).

    I love the Hearts. I would love to have this pattern. Where can I get it?

    Thank you in advance.


  21. O oo what a lovely fabrics you showed us.I love Kaffe Fasset fabric

  22. Dear LuAnn,
    wonderful fabrics, I love them all. The hearts are so beautiful and the combination with the fabrics you choise is great. I love my table cloth and enjoy it every day.
    Take care

  23. Mmm Mmm good!!!!!!!! I'm really loving the yellows.

  24. Hello Luann.
    Thanks for your words, for these holidays I wish you a lot of happiness...

    Happy Christmas!!!

    ¡Feliz Navidad!

  25. Those heart stitcheries are lovely .... I too would like to know about a pattern!

    Beautiful fabric and what fun you will have with them.

  26. Gorgeous fabrics, LuAnn. You have great taste! Ideas? Hmmmm, looks like you have all you need to make Orca Bay. How about joining us?
    Your stitcheries are beautiufl!

  27. Cindy W AUS
    I am so with Cyn;-),
    I am guessing her real name is Cynthia, or Cyndi.
    We are alike, my first thought was the Mystery quilt Örca Bay".
    You should check it out,


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