Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Houses Built from My Scraps

Have you seen all of the little 3 inch house blocks that are showing up on blogs everywhere?  This project is called  Building Houses from Scraps and you can follow the link to read about it and to download your own free pattern for this little house block.  This was all started by Jeanneke, and you can check out her blog at the link. 

The plan for this project is to make one of these houses every day this year, and you will have enough to make a quilt by the end of the year.

Here is my first house.   This really is a great way to use up your scraps.

I had a lot of fun looking through my scraps to find something to put in the windows of the houses.

I made one in all red fabrics. 

Or you could just sew one house a week and make a wall hanging. 

I drew the pattern in Electric Quilt and paper pieced these first houses. 

Whenever you print the pattern from the Building Houses From Scraps blog,
if your printout is like mine, it will measure just short of 3 inches.  There is a setting in EQ where you can change the setting from inches to centimeters.  Then you can draw the house, change back to inches, and then print it out.

By paper piecing you end up with a couple of extra seams on the background.  I plan to try hand piecing the next few houses.

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I hope you are all finding some time to stitch today.

Thanks for visiting! 
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