Friday, March 16, 2012

Baskets and More Baskets

I've been working on these basket blocks from When The Cold Wind Blows by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.  Several of us that attend the Dear Jane retreat in Shipshewana, Indiana, started these blocks when the book was first published.  Someone at the retreat thought it would be fun if we reduced the size of the blocks to finish at 3 inches.  The first photo shows the ones that I made at that size.

Then I decided I would make the rest of my baskets at the 5 inch size like those in the book.

When  I get an email from my friend Trudy she usually asks whether or not I'm working on my baskets and how many I have finished.   I'm always glad when she asks about them because it motivates me to pull out some fabric and applique' a few more each time.  Here are the three that I just finished.

.......and a few more

I also found these three baskets in the 3 1/2" size done in 30s fabrics.  I think I'll do a few more of these and make a wall hanging.   

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The quilt in the book has 300 baskets so I'd better get busy.  I hope you are finding a few minutes to do some stitching today.

Thanks for stopping by today!
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