Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Phebe Stars and Fabric Search

I am still working on my Phebe quilt along with a scrap project and a lot of crochet.  I've started working on the stars that are in the outside part of the quilt.

I think there are 134 total stars in the quilt so I only have 130 left to make.  The stars finish at 4 inches.

The original quilt uses only four colors- reds (including pinks), teal blues, golds, and tans/browns.  The only green on the quilt is in the vines and leaves.

My friend Pam has converted me to a "kit maker".  I have bought a box of snack sized baggies and am starting to cut and put together kits for each star so that whenever I get a chance to sew all I have to do is choose a bag with all of my pieces cut and sew them. 

I am looking for some of the original fabrics from the quilt.  These two are from Marcus Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum III collection.

Here it is in both colorways.

This photo is from the original quilt picture included in my pattern.  I would really like to find some of the this hill fabric.   It is from the Moda Chelsea Boutique line.
I hope you are finding some time to stitch today.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am so intrigued by this quilt - love to see your progress. What size are the star blocks? You've got a ways to go :).

  2. Thanks Karen! The stars finish at 4". I meant to put that in, and I've updated my post.

  3. Oh I love this quilt!! I am in love with the fabrics,..

  4. Smart move, making those "star kits" and having them ready to grab and go to the sewing machine. Cutting for me is so boring, but then the fun can begin.
    Your project looks fascinating, and the fabrics are lovely. We'll help you count down on those stars as you progress along.

  5. I love how your quilt is coming along! Gorgeous fabrics and blocks so far! I'm looking forward to following your progress on this beautiful quilt.

  6. I love your star blocks. What a great idea to make the star kits. Can't wait to see how this finishes up.

  7. Looks fantastic.I love see your progress.Happy sewing!

  8. Good news: I have both of the fabrics in the first pic. Don't know about the other two or the Hill fabric... everything else is still in boxes. Will be happy to send you the first two - they are Fat8ths.
    Your project is wonderful. Am looking forward to seeing it progress. The star kit is a great idea.

  9. Looks fabulous LuAnn...Phebe is such a pretty quilt!

  10. HI! LuAnne, Beautiful quilt. Your stars are lovely. Stars are my favourite in a quilt. Good idea to put them together. You seem to get a lot done that way when you start sewing.
    Love the new book.

  11. What fabulous little stars!! I love the fabrics you are using.

  12. Your quilt is looking wonderful. I don't think I have any of those fabrics, but I'll check anyway. Keep stitching.

  13. Hi LuAnn, just wondering if you ever found any of that hill fabric? I have searched everywhere for it with no success. I just started getting the BOM from Homestead hearth and am not fond of the green they sent to do the hill.

  14. I'm with Nancy on the green fabric sent by Homestead Hearth for the hill - It came in yesterday's mail and I was very disappointed. It isn't a pretty color at all, more dull than anything else. I will be looking for different fabric to use as well.


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