Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas.  We had a great time, but up until the last couple of days I've felt like I was on the Christmas voyage of the Titanic.  And I hit the iceberg when I got sick.  It was nothing serious just sinus ache, sore throat, cold symptoms and feeling tired.  The being tired part was what slowed everything down.  I went outside long enough to take the snow photos that were in the last post and came right back in.

The first four photos were taken 48 hours before Christmas.  I have three trees up, and the main family room tree only had 3 decorations on it until Christmas morning.  This is our sentimental tree...ornaments made by loved ones and friends that are no longer here so maybe that's why this one was saved for last.  Nice memories but sad to work on at the same time.

Over half of the presents weren't wrapped.


One of many gifts that didn't get finished.
My family helped which I'm thankful for.  I stood in the kitchen Christmas Eve and said, "I wonder what Martha Stewart is doing tonight."

Next year I'm going to be better organized.  I'm trying to come up with some sort of plan.  Christmas comes December 25th every single year, and next year I'll be ready.

Here is a tree that did get finished.

I spent a lot of time decorating and doing crafty things like this knitting needle ornament Christmas tree.     I really enjoy this part of Christmas.

I loved putting this Pepsi crate Christmas centerpiece together.

And the tomato cage Christmas tree was a fun project to put together.

My wonderful husband cooked our Christmas turkey on the grill.  This was the first time we have tried this, and it turned out pretty good.   Last year for Christmas dinner I cooked a big pan of lasagna and a big pan of chicken alfredo along with garlic bread, salad and pie for dessert.  That was easy and really cut down on time spent in the kitchen on Christmas Day.  What do you have for Christmas Dinner?

Here is one of my early Christmas presents.  I have heard that The Fabric of Society by Annette Gero is going to be out of print soon, so I ordered my copy.  There are beautiful quilts along with patterns in this book.

I did get some other quilty/crafty things for Christmas.  As soon as I take photos, I'll post them.

Oh....and if you are one of those super organized people that has everything done weeks before Christmas, I'd love to know your secret!

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  1. Oh, LuAnn, I'm sorry you were feeling sick for the holiday. I actually came down with a bad head cold and cough on Christmas day and have spent the week recovering--but at least everything was done by then.
    We actually have our favorite pizza for Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas Day we have a big brunch. I used to do a full turkey dinner on Christmas Eve and then the big brunch the next day, but I was always worn out trying to have both ready. My family voted and the brunch was the favorite of the two meals, so we ditched the turkey and get pizza on Christmas Eve. I love it!

  2. Hope you are feeling better now LuAnn.
    How lovely to be able to barbecue on Christmas day, that would cut down in the hours of prep and toiling in a steaming kitchen all christmas day!

  3. We just do the best that we can, given any circumstance. Illness can't be planned and we just make the best of it. In spite of being ill, you made a very festive and beautiful home. May 2013 be a happy, healthy year for you and yours!

  4. I used to have everything ready in plenty of time for Christmas, but now. . . . I think I'll set my deadline next year for Dec 1 instead of Dec 25, and maybe I'll be ready. I was sick earlier in Dec, and it really set me back. Sorry yours hit when it did! Here's to a happy New Year!

  5. I hope 2013 is going to be a happy and healthy one for you with lots of precious quilting time. I only get inspired a few weeks before Christmas and then I just finish what I can in the time and no longer stress about what doesn't happen. Not everyone gets something handmade every Christmas and they just have the deal with it! Happy New Year.

  6. No, sorry, not a super organised got everything I wanted to done person, but I want to be like that! I picked up the tip of getting all the wrapping done by Dec23rd, and I did this, and it felt so good! Usually I'm up til 2am Christmas morning getting this finished. My family have cold meats and salads for Christmas. In Australia a hot meal in the middle of the day in summer seems a bit ridiculous. I hosted at my house this year. I baked a turkey breast roll the day before Christmas and we had sliced turkey and sliced leg ham platters. We also try and have a crayfish and prawns, a real special treat!

  7. Sorry you were sick for Christmas. I've cut way back on what I do to celebrate the season and it has made for a much more happy holiday for all. I'm lucky my mom still hosts Christmas dinner. She does ham and turkey with a few sides. For dessert we have cookies we all gather to make the Saturday before.
    I've heard that book is a good one. Enjoy it!
    Happy New Year!

  8. I feel so normal after reading this post. I'm not of the organized persuasion either. Fighting a cold too and feeling nausiated. Have a Happy Healthy New Year! Thanks for letting us peak in on your stitching life throughout the year.

  9. LuAnn I'm so sorry that you've been ill. Hope you're all better now and that you stay that way! As for being organized, yes, I consider myself very oraganized. But the real "secret" is to just "let it be". Whatever cookies get's enough. Whatever presents get bought/wrapped or holiday decorations put's enough. Whatever crafty things get's enough. Taking the pressure off of yourself is the easiest way to get & feel organized. I have a partially made christmas tree hanging taped, yes TAPED, up as a decoration, and a half completed table topper on the table. They both look good for now and next year, when they're completed, they won't necessarily look "better". Happy New Year to you and yours.

  10. LuAnn, hope you are feeling better - sit with a quilt and a cup of tea and enjoy your new book! I had the opportunity to meet Annette Gero at her home in AU, it was quite a treat to buy the book from her...and my poor hubby had to lug it around in his suitcase as it wouldn't fit in mine! The book is a treasure for sure.

  11. Sorry your cold hit before Christmas. That is NOT the kind of memorable holiday you want.
    Where did you order the Annette Gero book? I've wanted it for years but keep waiting for a reduced price. Looks like that's not going to be. Did you order it directly from her website? That's the only place I find it still listed.
    Happy New Year! I hope 2013 is the best yet for you.


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