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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Couple Scrappy Trip Blocks

I've always heard that when you are overwhelmed by things that you have to do (or want to do) you should choose 3 to 5 things and put everything else out of sight and out of mind and just focus on those things that you have chosen.  In theory you should choose a long term project ( like hand quilting my Dear Jane), a medium project, and something you can complete quickly like a quilt binding.

Well, while I've been been working on getting focused and choosing those projects, I decided to make just a couple of the Scrappy Trip blocks that I've been seeing everywhere on the internet.

The block on the left is made from strips pulled from my scrap bag.  While sorting and organizing my Kaffe fabrics, I found these 2 1/2" strips used in the second block.  I think they could both be used in the same quilt.


I've been sewing once a week with a group of ladies at church that are making charity quilts, little girl's dresses, and pillowcases.  I made this pillowcase, and our cat Tiki decided to investigate.  He came to our door the week before Halloween wanting a friend and some food, and we took him in.  My daughter named him Mortimer since we brought him inside 2 days before Halloween, but he answers to Tiki.   You can find my hot dog pillowcase tutorial here.

I visited Daniel today.  He is such a happy guy, and I just love him to pieces.

Hope you are stitching today.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  


Janet O. said...

Daniel is such a cutie!
Those two blocks could go in a Scrappy Trips quilt together and play nicely.
So is the name Mortimer a nod to Cary Grant's character in "Arsenic and Old Lace"? : )

Pat from Florida said...

Love the choose 3 idea. I need to clean and sort the studio, so maybe I'll just leave 3 out.

Kathie said...

I like the 3 project idea too. I try and stay focused but get pulled away sometimes when I am working on a project that takes a long time and just have to whip up a little quilt for instant gratification !
I like the way both blocks look keep going make a few more !!!!
it will be a quilt in no time
Daniel is adorable just look at that smile.
nice that you adopted Tiki!!!! fun name for a cat!
btw tumblers are addictive I keep cutting for them any time I have a scrap big enough!
need to make another quilt soon

Karen said...

Those blocks look great - I love the addition of the Kaffe. What tumbler pattern are you using. I do want to start one this year when I finish my leader/ender project. Your little munchkin is adorable. So glad your new kitty is happy.

TLC said...

Daniel's grin made me giggle! So cute! Quilters/crafters must all have the same universal issue. Time to try a better approach in February I guess.

Julierose said...

Hi LuAnn! I have been feeling SO overwhelmed by all the "stuff" left undone. I, too, am focusing on one handwork (for Downton Abbey watching) and one big quilt. DH helped me set up my "Blues-ey" this morning on my dining table (well padded) ready for tying..everything else is "but a dream" right now. Your little fella is such a cutie. Enjoy Julierose

Cyn said...

Wow... choose 3. What a nifty concept. Gonna borrow that one and implement it immediately if not sooner! lol. Thanks for the tip.
Love your TATW blocks. I have some strips waiting to do this block too. So fun.
Your little Daniel is such a darling!
BTW.. love your new blog face lift. Nice!

Jen said...

Babies Pets and Quilting,make for a great time .How cute is little Daniel I am sure he will love Tiki.
Thanks for the tip on getting the projects organised. The scrappy blocks are lovely and blend well together.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Enjoyed your post and love Mortimer...grin. You are so sweet to take him in. We got our kitty at the pound.

Daniel is sure cute.

I need to take your advice on how to focus.....my brain is so scrambled.

Manoly C. said...

Daniel es precioso... Congratulations!!!

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