Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beautiful Christmas Gifts from Germany

Hello blog friends,

I want to show you the gifts that my friend,  Roswitha from Blauraute blog sent me for Christmas all the way from Germany. She does beautiful red work, and she knows I like angels and snowmen. This Christmas she sent me the angel pillow and this Patchwork magazine in German. I don't speak German but I've put fabric requirements and directions into Google translator for things I'd like to make and I think that will work just fine.

Here is the pillow that Roswitha sent me last Christmas. I love the snowman and she even matched the fabric.

This is the gingerbread man chain that I won on her blog over a year ago.  I guessed the number of spools that she had in a photo, and this is what I won.  This chain hangs over our mantle at Christmas.

I love these little gingerbread men.

When my Grandson, Daniel, was born last March, Roswitha made this blue teddy bear chain and sent it to hang in his bedroom.  

This is the chain hanging in his room.  She also made the bag and the wimple for him, too.....
a very talented lady!

I love all the little touches of crochet and ribbons on these chains.  I love seeing this whenever I go to visit Daniel.  

Thank you again Roswitha for the beautiful and thoughtful gifts.  
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