Saturday, January 12, 2013

Catching Up On Easy Street

I've been working to catch up on Easy Street.  I'm seeing lots of gorgeous finished quilt tops showing up while reading blogs.  I really need to clean and sort through things in my sewing room, but I don't want to get all of these pieces mixed I'm working to sew them together into one piece before I can walk away from this project for awhile.

All of our snow has melted...our temperature reached almost 60 yesterday so today the outside Christmas lights will come down.  We still have several neighbors that have their Christmas decorations out.  I still have my trees up.  I kind of feel that it's ok as long as there is snow on the ground so it feels like Christmas.  But today it looks and feels like spring (even though I know it isn't yet) so the Christmas will get packed away and then maybe there will be time for a little sewing.

  Do any of you still have Christmas decorations up/out?

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you are having a nice weekend.


  1. Our high temperature today is supposed to be 9 degrees--you read right. Nine degrees above zero is the high. Needless to say, our outer decor is still out. But we only have lights outside, so there are no decorations in the yard. We will wait for things to warm up into the 30s before attempting to take them down. : )

  2. Our temps are in the 70's - crazy, even for us. Glad I'm not the only one catching up on ES. Your colors look really great!

  3. Hope I can stitch some on ES tomorrow. I'm w-a-y behind!

    We took things down last Sunday, Three Kings. I like to leave it up through then. But inside I leave my collection of nativity sets up through Jan. or Feb. It's ok, I'm still celebrating Jesus' birth!

    However, in the entryway, I have my snowmen out for Jan., and two Beanie Baby groundhogs. Valentines will replace the snowmen next month.

  4. I've finished all my Easy Street blocks. Now I'm sewing them together. Maybe I'll finish the top this week. I'm not used to making quilts this large.
    The Christmas decorations are grouped together, ready to store.
    It's going to be over 70 degrees today. Should be COLD.
    By the way. I like the fabrics you chose for your Easy Street.

  5. LuAnn your fabric combinations are gorgeous. You have a great eye for colour. My Christmas decorations are put away now. I stick with tradition over here and take them down on 12th night. Mind you if it snowed... I'd be tempted to keep them up! ;o)

  6. Love the deep strong colors you picked.

  7. yeah, i was in no hurry to get them down til last week and now the fact that the tree is still up - even though most of the rest of it is put away - is driving me nuts. I do finally get sick of it by January but that's only because I start so early - before thanksgiving... I was looking at the trees sitting on the kitchen counter thinking "oh, it's not bad it's only..." then I realized it wasn't the first week in january - it's the 16th! : ) i don't think it gets socially shameful til february, though do you? : )


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