Friday, January 25, 2013

Thimbles, Tumblers and Hexies....Oh My!

I was going to post my New Year's resolutions the first of the year, and now I'm glad that I didn't because most have gone by the wayside already.  One resolution was to post to my blogs more often (or at least somewhat consistently), and you see how well that's going.  Another resolution was to get organized.  Well........I took a before photo of my sewing room, took everything out, sorted, organized (or so I thought), and now that I've put it all back in it actually looks worse than before I started.  For those of you that have been over to my crochet blog, you know that I also have a yarn stash.  I switched some things around and now it doesn't seem to want to fit.  So the solution?  I'm still working on that.

My family says that I need to have the word FOCUS tattooed on the inside of my eyelids.  Did I also mention that I got an IPad for Christmas and that has taken up quite a bit  some of my time?

Meanwhile, I wanted to share some things that I found in my sewing room.   I had a basket under my sewing table with a red bag of little 1 1/2" nine patches that I had leftover from this quilt.  There are 964 of the 1 1/2" finished nine patches in this quilt set with alternate squares.  I entered it in the Hoosier Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington, Indiana, a couple of years ago and won a Judge's Recognition ribbon.

Underneath the bag of leftover nine patches I found this tin of red and white tumblers (thimbles) that I'd cut.

They are 1 3/4" high so will finish at 1 1/4".

Then there was a bag of tumblers cut from repro fabrics.  I remember I had started cutting them from charm squares when Kathie's tumbler quilt appeared on the front cover of Sew Scrappy magazine.  

I need to count them.  There might be enough for a quilt top.

While sorting, I discovered that you can cut a 3 1/2" and a 1 3/4" tumbler  (thimble) from one charm square.  That was one of the times when I lost my focus.

Continuing to the bottom of the basket there was a bag of 3 1/2" tumblers cut from my 30s fabrics.  I need to count these, too.  

Wonder if I should insert....I am NOT a Hoarder....I am NOT a Hoarder

Another bag with 1 3/4" thimbles cut from 30s fabrics.  Looks like there are 197.

I am still hand quilting this little quilt made from a bag of little tumblers that I won on Kathie's blog Inspired by Antique Quilts.   

Then I found this little Christmas elf in red work.  Roswitha from Blauraute blog sent me the pattern for this quilt a couple of years ago.  I have all of the patterns traced.  I hate to think how long this little guy has been stuck in this hoop.

Then there are more hexies.  I have been working on other hexagons off and on and had forgotten about these.  These are mostly stitched over those plastic templates that you remove with a stick.  I really prefer using the paper pieces.  If you look closely at the photo there are hexagons in brights, some in 30s and a few others in ????  

The thing is that I found enough in that one basket to keep me busy for 6 months...maybe a year....and there are drawers of fabric.

When you clean and sort your sewing area, do you find things like this?  I hope I'm not alone....

  I have fallen wayyyyy behind on responding to blog comments, but I really appreciate all of your kind words and visits to my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!
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