Monday, March 18, 2013

Indiana Heritage Quilt Show Quilts

Here are some of my favorite quilts from the 2013 Indiana Heritage Quilt Show held last week.  I didn't realize that the list that I had didn't list the names of all of the quilt makers.

1st place in Appliqued Bed Quilts called Fiesta Mexico by Renae Haddadin

This one is called Eureka and won 1st place in Pieced Bed Quilts

Rhapsody in Rose by Barbara Clem Exemplary Hand Quilting

America, Let It Shine by Sherry Reynolds won Best of Show Wall Quilt.

This one is Bonnie Hunter's quilt....can you tell by all the pieces?  It was gorgeous  The red one to the left was Becky Goldsmith's.

This one is called Spicy Pineapple by Gail Woodruff and won Honorable Mention

Another great apologies.  The photo is blurry and I can't zoom in on the name of the maker.

Lots of stitching done on this Kim McLean pattern.

This one is one of my favorites.  This pattern is in the Quilts from the Henry Ford Museum book by Fons and Porter.  I hope to make this one someday.......

This one is Best First Entry by Mary Olson.  The quilt is Acanthus with a Twist.

This one is by Mary Olson, too.  She does beautiful applique.

Tea with Miss D. by Sandra Leichner won 1st place in the Mixed Technique category.
Magic of the Rose by Kristin Vierra won Honorable Mention in the Appliqued Bed Quilt category. 

A Pink Rose Garden for Zoe made by Carol Schwankl.  The quilting on this one is just beautiful.  The pattern is Rose Sampler Supreme by Rosemary Makhan.  
There was a lot of inspiration at this show.  It would be really hard to choose a favorite.  I have a few more quilts to show you next time.

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  1. Gorgeous quilts! I especially love the pineapples. I keep telling myself I am going to make one and I have even purchased the pattern. It looks a lot like the one you show here that has the dark and light diagonal lines.

  2. Great pictures - thanks so much for sharing these. I thought about going to the show this year but other obligations came up. I do love the inspiration one comes home with - both from the quilts and the vendors!

  3. WOW! I can only dream of making such quilts!
    Thanks for sharing - they are beautiful.

  4. Wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing - so inspiring.

  6. Your pictures are so beautiful, I bet they were stunning in person.

  7. WOW! Fantastic quilts. Thanks for sharing. I see you got your green on for your photo collage. I enjoy the photo collages too.

  8. WOW! Those are some amazing quilts! What a talented group of ladies there in Indiana!

  9. LUann, Thanks for showing the quilts they are awesome just beautiful. The work in them is unbelievable. I only wish I could be so clever.

  10. It's no surprise those quilts won ribbons. They are all just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos. Can't wait to see the rest.

  11. Thanks for sharing these show photos. Very inspirational. I don't do much applique but I do love what others do. The pineapples are pretty awesome, too!

  12. You're right.....I can't pick a favorite! They are all so amazing! Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to see more!

  13. The "Eureka" quilt is by Marilyn Badger. I saw it and "Fiesta Mexixo" at the NJ Quilt Fest show in early March. Can you believe the crystals that were also on Ms. Badgers quilt?!? No wonder she always has a ribbon winner at the big shows!

    I love all the applique quilts here and "Magic of the Rose" is really striking! Thanks for sharing!

  14. A great quilt show with some absolutely wonderful quilts. Take care.

  15. Such amazing quilts! All of them so very beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  16. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful quilts!

  17. Great quilts in that show, I just love all the traditional quilts, they are my absolute favorites.

  18. Gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing.

  19. wow - great quilt show.
    I remember when this was a small show, but they are getting some top notch quilts.
    Loved seeing all those Log Cabin quilts!!!

  20. Thanks LuAnn for the quilt tour. I loved the America, Let It Shine quilt. I think it is just stunning. Although my simple and frugal quilts will never win awards, I do so admire the quilters with the patience to make such stunning quilts.

    blessings, jill

  21. Thank you for sharing these stunning quilts - Spicy Pineapples & the appliqued quilt from the Henry Ford Museum book - I have that book & will have to check out the original.

    Sandra Leichner's quilt is incredible too. What a show you attended!!

  22. Thanks LuAnn for sharing this quilt show with us. Wonderful quilts!!!


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