Tuesday, July 9, 2013

English Paper Piecing Addiction Group

Yesterday morning I decided to join the English Paper Piecing Addiction Group at Back Door Quilts.  I was so excited about learning to glue hexagons at the shop last week that I wanted to go and see what others were accomplishing using this method.  We were there yesterday for about 2 hours, and I glued most of these hexagons in about an hour.

For some reason, after seeing the quilts at show and tell yesterday I think maybe my colors look a bit drab, so I'm going to add some brighter pinks and a little green to see how it looks.

Here is some of the show and tell.  My friend, MaryAnn is making this for a doll bed.  These hexagons are 1/4".

I think this is a Sue Daley pattern for the most part.  I just love that border.

This was made from one of the Sue Daley Playing With Paper packs.

The lady that showed this quilt was on the way to another quilt group, so she showed this stack and whack she made from a fabric in an ugly fabric contest.  

The girls from The Back Door made these quilts.

Our challenge for next month is to make one of these bowls and embellish it.  They have provided the paper pieces, and we come up with the ideas.  This is one already finished.

I'm not sure if this is Edyta's quilt left here from her trunk show and lecture last month or if the staff at the shop made this.  It is from a pattern by Edyta Sitar....www.laundrybasketquilts.com.  

Here is a better look at the nine patch from one of the earlier photos.

The shop made this sample for July 4th.  I love the center panel.  
I got several comments and emails from my last post about gluing hexagons.  One of the things asked was if there was an odor to the glue stick.  No.  There is no odor to either the Sewline glue refills or the Fons and Porter refills.  And, both refills fit in both pens.  The only thing I don't know right now since I've just started this method is whether or not the glue will hold indefinitely.  Time will tell, but for right now I'm sold.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you are finding some time to stitch.....or glue today!


  1. I was interested in the method of glueing the hexagons instead of stitching. Can you use regular cheap glue sticks from the dollar store or do they have to be "Fons and Porter" glue sticks? Does it make the fabric hard to stitch through?

  2. I love to EPP, but have not yet tried the glue method. One of my Canadian friends uses either UHU stick or LePages Glue Stick or Grand and Toy Glue stick.
    We don't have any of those here in England, apart from the UHU so I will try that.
    I'm making some hexy stars at the moment.

  3. I like paper piecing too. I really like that lovely nine patch on the wall with the greens, browns reds and whites. Gorgeous quilt..

  4. Your hexies look wonderful!

  5. LuAnn - Love your post as I am also quickly becoming addicted to gluing hexies, etc.. When I made my Brigitte Giblin hexie purse, the glue held up pretty well during the actual piecing of the hexie rows - a few came out but think it was my own fault in not allowing enough extra seam fold over. I am getting ready to start making a gazillion diamonds using glue to EPP (Di Ford's Drayton Hall) will be a little more generous with seam allowance for folding over.

    Have fun - love that bowl!!

  6. Thanks for the super post. A little piece of me feels like I was there, and spent the day at the shop, instead of driving, driving, and at the doctor (all is well).

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  8. I like follow your blog, always very interesting! Please say "Hello" to the ladies from "The Back Door"! They were very kind and helpful when I dropped in at 4.50 pm on Saturday May 25th (my husband and I came for The Race...) and they gave me all the time I needed to make my purchases in this paradise of patchwork and quilting! I envy that you have the possibility to join this group and wish you much fun! Best wishes!

  9. I am still looking at all these beautiful quilts, isn't seeing so many other people's work an inspiration? I love your hexies with all the fussy centers, that will be an eye catching project when completed. Oh, I only glue my hexagon pp, too ~

  10. What a gorgeous show and tell. I glue my hexies also. I'll be back to read some more. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I have tried the glue but went back to tacking them with thread...the glue did not seem to stick for long periods of time...I used the same glue pen that you have...

  12. I love the fabrics you have used for your hexies!!

  13. Wow LouAnn....lots of quilty eye candy over here!!

    I have some hexagon blocks I have been working on for several years now. I just kind of work on them in sports!

    Great post!

  14. Oh, lots of pretty hexies! I love the start on your Phebe quilt, too.


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