Friday, July 5, 2013

Hexagons: Thread or Glue Basting?

I love hexagons and hexagon quilts.  I have several different sizes of hexagon paper pieces and have made a few flowers for different projects that are in the works.

I have always basted my hexagons with needle and thread.  I don't sew through the papers; I just fold over the corners and tack them.

I thought I had come up with a faster method when I bought these little Clover clips. 

The paper always seemed to slip out of my first corner until I started using one of these clips to hold down the first corner while I worked my way around the hexagon with needle and thread.

Then the other day I was in Back Door Quilts.  I asked one of the girls there what type of needle she used to baste her hexagons around the papers.  And, then she showed me this:  She glue bastes them on with the Sewline glue pen.  I was amazed because I had never seen anyone do this before.

 This is really so much faster than thread basting.  As you add more hexagons and work your way out from the center hexagon, you just remove the center most paper.  Then the paper can be used over several more times.  I can see where this could take a lot of glue if you are working on a large project.  A friend told me that I could buy refills for my Sewline glue pen at JoAnns.  With a coupon they are really affordable. 

If you are just making a hexagon or hexagon flower to applique' onto a background fabric, you can always use a Needle Gripper to reach underneath and remove the paper.  The Needle Gripper can also be purchased at JoAnns.  (Don't forget your coupons!)  I also don't see why you couldn't press the edges of the hexagons, remove the papers, and then applique' them.

To fussy cut instead of buying a plastic template, I made my own template out of index cards.  I traced one of the hexagon papers onto the index card and then measured out 3/8" on each side, connected the lines and cut.  I know most people recommend a 1/4" to turn under, but I like to have a little extra so that I can center my motif.  I made two because I knew if I only had one, I would never be able to find it!

This way I have a window so that I can see what the hexagon will look like after it is basted.

I've done a few of these, and I think the glue basting is going to make hexagons a lot faster to sew.

If anyone else out there has glue basted instead of stitching, I'd love to hear from you.

When I take a lot of my blog photos, a lot of times I spread a piece of white flannel over one of my chairs and place it by the window so that the light reflects off of the flannel to make the photos brighter.  This is my helper, Tiki.  I guess he thought that I was making a little bed for his afternoon nap.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  
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