Saturday, July 27, 2013

Road Trip to Shipshewana

Earlier this week, a friend asked if I would like to take a road trip to Shipshewana.  I've written about this little town up in northern Indiana before.  This is where we go twice a year for our Dear Jane retreat.  The town was beautiful, and there were pretty flowers everywhere.

These little flower carts seemed to be all over town.  This is the one in front of the Blue Gate Restaurant.

The Farmstead was beautiful as usual.

There was good food.  We also went to Rise 'N Roll Bakery, but I was too busy eating my donut to take a photo.

And, of course there was fabric.  Here is a view into Yoder's fabric section.

We saw beautiful quilts.  I just love this twisted bargello.  It reminds me that I have a twisted bargello wall hanging in similar colors that needs to be quilted.

This is a nice combination of Civil War fabrics.  I have a few of the fabrics from this quilt in my stash.   I really like the borders on this quilt.

There is even log cabin cheater cloth and a lot of nice solid fabrics for those of you that want to just add a border and quilt.  I'm thinking that this would make a great backing, too.

Those of you that have been to Lollys know that there is always lots of gorgeous fabric there.  This is the usual display of Kaffe Fassett fabric.  The shot cottons are in that case you see to the left of the photo.  On the back of this display is the Kaffe stripes.

But now there is a Kaffe and Brandon wall.  Just look at the color!!!!

There is Civil War fabric as usual.  There is a nice selection upstairs as well as downstairs in A Little Bit of Lollys.  I did do a little "fishing" in the boat.  I was too busy and didn't remember to get a photo.

This is only a part of the Civil War fabrics.

I searched for quite awhile for some of these fabrics and could have found them right here.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

And always remember.....



  1. Hello Lu Ann,
    many thanks for showing the fotos from shepshewana. I was last year there and their was the Quiltfestival with guest K. Fassett and a lot of georgeous quilts... I like the town too but I think everyday that i
    didn´t buy enough fabric there ...

  2. I would be in heaven! We never have that much selection here in England.

  3. that kaffe wall is stunning! My favorite fabric line. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  4. Now that's my idea of a road trip! thanks for sharing all the eye candy.

  5. Oh, what fun! Would love to get to Shipshewana someday!

  6. What a beautiful place to visit!

  7. Thanks for tempting me! I'm hoping to get to Shipshewana in August and one of my stops is going to be Yoder's.

  8. You certainly are right, there is no such thing as too much fabric. We can always get another Ironing board.

  9. Hello LuAnn,
    what beautiful pictures, I love them all. You must be glad to see this wonderful town twice or more every year. The combination of the the Civil War fabrics is great and I enjoy the border too.
    I hope you're well and able to do some stitches in your sewing room.
    Have a nice sunday

  10. Wow! Makes me want to take a road trip right now!

  11. Always fun to see what's in Yoder's and Lolly's. Thanks for the pics.

  12. HI LuAnn, wow what a great place to visit for fabric. That Kaffe and Brandon wall fabric is so colourful. Thanks for the photos.

  13. Nothing like a good road trip to fill your day! I'd love to visit the quilt gardens and see the town in bloom. Maybe next month? Thanks for the great pics.

  14. What a great trip with a friend. I hope to go next year.
    Thanks for all the ideas for stops. Will start serious planning this winter.

  15. Thanks for the lovely view of the quilt festival. I couldn't make it this year and your pictures reminded me what a nice event it is. I also loved Lolly's and their Kaffe fabric. I am inspired also inspired by your Dear Jane quilt because I am on the edge of starting one.


  16. LuAnn,You always do wonderful trips, I envy you!!
    I love those giant shops you show us. Kaffee is my favourite, so colorgul, what a huge range of his prints is there!!!

  17. beautiful array of fabric - it looks like plenty to choose from. I was kind of surprised to see such a huge selection as I had seen a review on someone else's blog who said they were not impressed with Yoder's and had specifically gone there because she had heard great things and then was very disappointed. She said everything was way too expensive - maybe she thought it was a discount store for fabric?

  18. I meant to ask - Yoder's and Lolly's two separate stores? sell the same kind of things?

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  20. Yay, LuAnn, now I'm jonesin' to go back to Shipshewana again. What a post full of eye candy. Hugs to you.
    Sara @ Jane's Addicted


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