Monday, October 7, 2013

Hexagon Thread Catcher and Needlebook

I've been doing a lot of hand sewing lately.  When I attended Sue Daley's trunk show and lecture a couple of weeks ago, she showed her Threads and Things pattern for this thread catcher.  I've been working on mine and just finished it.  These are 1/2" hexagons and are English Paper Pieced.

The pattern can be purchased on Sue's web site here.

I've had a couple ask about this pattern, but if you are set as a no-reply blogger, I can't answer your email.

The inside will hold a half gallon milk jug trimmed down to make threads and clippings easier to empty.  

The outside pockets will hold a small ruler, glue stick, small spool of thread, package of needles, etc.

The pin cushion is attached with a couple of Velcro dots and is made by just sewing 14 random hexagons together into two flowers, sewing them right sides together leaving enough opening to turn and then stuffing with some sort of loose stuffing.  

The night of the Sue Daley lecture, Back Door Quilts gave everyone there a kit to make a needle book.  This is made using 3/4" hexagons and is English Paper Pieced.

The needle book is made using 11 random hexagons and two that are fussy cut for the centers.

A piece of felt is fused onto the back of the hexagons using your favorite fusible, and a square of felt is hand stitched into the center to hold pins and needles.  

I hope that you have had a nice weekend and that you took a little time out to do some stitching.

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  1. Just love both of them, you did such a great job. Love those hexagons.

  2. Gorgeous projects LuAnn. I love your fabric choices. Sue has some amazing patterns... just wish there was more time in a day!

  3. Both are gorgeous.Great job!!

  4. Both are gorgeous.Great job!!

  5. What a pretty thread catcher! Your hexagons are beautiful and 1/2 inch! So tiny!

  6. Love them both too. Especially the pockets. Sure hope Back Door is coming back next week to the shop hop at WPAFB! I need some pentagons. Need???

  7. Lovely threadcatcher and needlebook.
    Now you have a real Sue Daley, and you have meet her to, this must have been a great adventure.

  8. Those are beautiful! Hope you bring them to Shipshe in a few weeks. Can't wait to see you!

  9. I met Sue Daley before and I am very impressed with her work. I like the set you made. The colours are nice also.

  10. Great job LuAnn.....!!
    I love it.......I might just succumb to that pattern also.......but not until we have our own house or I have my own room again.

  11. Lovely job Luanne. Love the hexagons.

  12. Wonderful work. I love it.

  13. wow what an over the top thread catcher!
    lovely and the pockets are awesome!

  14. That thread catcher is awesome! Sue has such pretty patterns. Always fun to stitch up something quick. Good for you for getting these done so soon after the lecture.

  15. Super cute! love the fabrics you chose for your project!


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