Friday, December 20, 2013

Hexagons and Crock Pot Meals

I'm still making hexagons for my Road 66 quilt from Di Ford's book, Primarily Quilts.  These hexagons are 1 1/8" on each side.  Compared to the 3/4" hexagons I am working on for my Aunt Sarah quilt, these seem huge.  I need 18 full hexagons for the Road 66 quilt, and I have 13 sewn together.  I only have enough of the border fabric that I want to use for that many hexagons.  There are also 6 half hexagons and some partials that go in the corners.  I am really enjoying this project, and I think I'll be a little sad when it is finished.  I'm sure I have cut out and glued enough hexagons to make a good start on another one of these quilts!

I am looking at fabric a whole new way since I have started this hexagon project.

I've seen several people on line that are making crock pot freezer meals and others that are pinning recipes on Pinterest.  So I decided to give several of them a try.  These recipes came from  She has lots of different ideas for crock pot freezer meals.  

I have frozen seven different meals from her web site.  Tonight we are having Slow-Cooker Chicken Teriyaki.  I will let you know how that turns out later on.  Also on this web site there is a recipe for Sweet and Sour Baked Chicken that is out of this world.  The pan was empty before I realized that I hadn't taken a photo!  That recipe is definitely a keeper.  
I will 

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