Sunday, January 5, 2014

Another Lucy Boston Block and Lots of Snow

We are in the midst of a record snowfall here.  The weather service says that we haven't had this much snow since 1978.  That would be when we had the big blizzard.  It has snowed an average of 1 inch an hour all day, and we have about 10 inches on the ground plus the 6 we got last Thursday. It was a good day to stay inside and sew today.   This is my newest Lucy Boston block.  These blocks are fun and really addictive.  

I was probably the only one outside taking photos in the snow today, and I'm sure I was the only one out in the snow taking photos of a quilt block.  By the time I took the first photo and cleared the lens and view finder off of my camera, the block was beginning to be covered in snow.  

This is the little crab apple tree right outside our garage.

This is the woods in our back yard.

This woods is to the south of our back yard.

This photo is looking toward the neighbors.  It was just beautiful out there today.  Now having said that, my photos are only taken about 2 steps away from a door because I tried to venture out in the back and almost fell.  It is really hard to walk when it is so deep.  

 The winds are to pick up tonight, and the temperatures are going to fall.  Most things are closed around here tomorrow, and our county is under a travel advisory.  I'm planning to stay in and do more sewing tonight and tomorrow.

Hope you are cozy and warm and finding some time to stitch!

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  1. I pray you all do not lose power. Gosh it looks really cold...said the wimpy SO.CA. woman;-) We are getting signs of spring around here. My muscari is blooming, and the plum and pear trees have their buds. Hope we do not get a late March snowfall like last year.

    I am so amazed at how beautiful these blocks are coming out. They will certainly make a stunning quilt.
    blessings, jill

  2. Oh dear! What a beautiful snow. Hope you don't have to venture out much further than the two steps it took for the photos. Staying inside with a needle and thread sounds just perfect.

  3. All that snow is beautiful, but I'm glad we haven't gotten it here yet. Have fun sewing! :0)

  4. What a winter...Ohio is going thru a BIG chill tomorrow. More snow coming.

  5. A quilt block in the snow is a great way to turn a negative into a positive. Stay warm. Stay safe. We don't have as much snow here in northern Iowa, but our predicted low tonight is -23 degrees. Wind chills are predicted to be -40 to -50 or worse. BRRR !!

  6. What pretty snow scenes, unless you have to go out in it! Hope you can stay warm.
    Another wonderful block, LuAnn. I think you are having way too much fun making these!!

  7. Really like your new Lucy block! And looks great in the snow, too. We have the ice hitting here in central Ohio for the last hour or so. Hopefully we both keep our power during this lasted storm.
    Take care,

  8. The snow landscape are beautiful but I can't image how is to live with it. Ypur block really seems to be a snow flake. Stay warm and safe. Hugs from Summer time in Brazil.

  9. Pretty snow photos. We have lots here too.
    really beautiful EPP block!

  10. Your new Lucy Boston block is just beautiful., plenty of that white stuff and cold here, hoping that your power is still on.

  11. The snow is beautiful and so is your block. I have 14 completed now and will try to post a picture of some of mine this week.

  12. Your block is beautiful, stay warm!

  13. I do like the colours and the fabrics you chose for your block. They are perfectly to my taste. I am looking forward to seeing this work progress.
    No snow here, just wet, wet, wet!

  14. Wow, LuAnn, what a snow!!! The photos are gorgeous!!!! So glad you could spend time inside sewing!! I Love that block! Love the fabric selection! I've been awol from blog land for awhile, so not sure if you have posted about these blocks before, but where could I find the pattern? Definitely something I'd like to put on my "Wanna make list"!!

    Have a "Warm" and Blessed Day!

  15. I always enjoy looking at your Lucy Boston Blocks. Thought about you and Indy all day yesterday. We stayed above freezing and had rain. I have very fond memories of the blizzard of 78. I was a senior in high school. We were closed all week. It was exam week and we did not have to make up exams! Your pictures are stunning. Enjoy your sewing and stay warm

  16. Such beautiful photos! You are such an expert piecer in those ornate blocks!

  17. Hi LuAnn,
    what a snow. Yesterday I've seen pictures of your town in German TV. Today we have sunshine and more than 10°C, it looks like spring outside.
    Your new LBB looks great, I love it.
    I hope you can enjoy the day inside in your sewing room.
    Take care

  18. LOVE your Lucy Boston block. As a new convert (addict?) to EPP, I love seeing everyone else's EPP work!

    Hope you got plenty of sewing done! I know I did. ;-) It was too cold for me to venture out for picture taking ... even just 2 steps out the door! Besides, with our crazy winds, nothing was piled up nice ... and I'm not sure that my photography skills are adequate for doing justice to the drifts.

  19. Your block is just beautiful! The snow pictures are so pretty to look at but stay safe and warm inside.

  20. Well if you have to have snow it might as well be beautiful. And your surely is! I love the Lucy Boston blocks. Great colors!

  21. The snow is really beautiful. Your pictures have captured it so well. We're experiencing a heat wave in South Australia at the moment. I hope we don't lose power too, because we need our air conditioners to cool the house. Stay warm! I hope you can get out and about soon.


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