Monday, January 27, 2014

Rotherfield Grey Progress

I've been working on the next round of Rotherfield Grey from Primarily Quilts by Di Ford.  This border is really taking some time.  It is made up of 28 scrappy hexagons and the four six pointed stars in the corners on a pieced border.  

The hexagons are 5/8", and I used my scraps to make them.  The pattern calls for 3/4" hexagons.  If you can get a close look at the stars in the corners of the inner borders, they are the size called for in the book, and it was hard to get a quarter inch seam without cutting off the star points.

So I decided to make these hexagons just an eighth inch smaller so I'd be sure they would fit in the border.  

Our city is closed down tomorrow for the most part (city offices, schools, trash pickup, some businesses) because the wind chills are going to be around -20F to -40F.  It's not that I really have anywhere to be, it's just that there is another day of  knowing that if you do venture out, the cold will feel like it goes straight through you.  On the plus side, it will be another day to do some stitching.  

The Weather Channel came up with a list of the 20 coldest major cities in America.  So if you are on this list (and Indianapolis is), you will understand it when I say that we have a lot of winter weather left, and this is getting a bit old.  

Here is the list:

 1.  Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
 2.  Anchorage, Alaska
 3.  Madison, Wisconsin
 4.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 5.  Omaha, Nebraska
 6.  Chicago, Illinois
 7.  Lincoln, Nebraska
 8.  Rochester, NY
 9.  Buffalo, New York
10.  Fort Wayne, Indiana
11.  Toledo, Ohio
12.  Detroit, Michigan
13.  Akron, Ohio
14.  Cleveland, Ohio
15.  Indianapolis, Indiana
16.  Colorado Springs, Colorado
17.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
18.  Denver, Colorado
19.  Kansas City, Missouri
10.  Boston, Massachusetts

Let me know if your city made the list.  

I'm linking up with Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times.  You can go there to see what others have on their design walls today.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.   
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