Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Box of Quilt Tops

I'm back to unpacking.  I'm down to the last 6 or 8 boxes and just can't seem to get the uummph to finish.  I know that all but a couple of the boxes are quilts, blocks, and yarn, but I just got my machine back from the repairman and kind of want to do a little machine stitching.  Maybe later........

This quilt is from a round robin I was in about 3 or 4 years ago.  I love the bright, happy colors of this quilt.  The girls in this group really did a great job, especially Nancy Z. making all of those hexagons and leaves for the outside border.  They are all sewn on by hand.

This red work Santa is from an old McCalls magazine.  It will be a small quilt/wall hanging size.  

I'm not sure if you can see it in this photo, but I have started to hand quilt it.  I really need to smooth this one out but can't take it completely apart to iron it unless I take the quilting out.....I don't think I want to do that.

This is my Jane Austen quilt.  It was a lot of fun cutting these diamonds, but this quilt top was finished before my English Paper Piecing days.  You can kind of see those bias edges waving at you from where you're sitting.  I could take that green border off, but I think this one has more problems than just the border.   There are 4 diamonds of the same fabric placed equal distance from the center.  

Remember watercolor quilts?  I made this quilt top when that was all the rage.  This was made before I'd ever heard of the 1" fusible grid that is available on the market now.   This one was pieced together one square at a time.

This two color applique' pattern called Sunflower Fields is available from Pacific Rim Quilt Company.  I have 3 more of their two color applique' patterns in the works to do plus another one that is Halloween.  The hand applique' is all finished on this one; it just needs quilting.

Here is another round robin.  One of my friends thought it was a little boring, so she put a bright pink flange and corners on her round.  I found a batik that is pretty similar so sometime I might add some to the quilt.  I was never quite sure what to do with this one.

That's it for this box.  It's kind of fun taking this part of unpacking slowly so that I can take a good look at the things I haven't seen for several months.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

I hope that you are finding a little time to stitch today.  


  1. Such a lovely variety of quilts! It is very interesting opening your boxes with you!

  2. I am having so much fun looking at all your treasures. I truly enjoy this. Love the Round Robin quilt and the Sunflower Fields. Thank you for sharing all those eye candies.

  3. Your boxes have such treasures. What fun.

  4. I especially love your round robin quilts, though I have never had the courage to do one! : )

  5. How exciting to have boxes full of such great quilts. You will be a very busy girl once you get finishing them. My specila favourite is the redwork Santa.

  6. These are real treasures as Chantal says!
    I wouldn't bother to re-do anything on the diamond-quilt - it's beautiful! Didn't see the same fabric... Don't you think that the "waving" would "quilt out"?? And for Santa it's just finish quilting it then wash and dry! I wouldn't ever take out that hand-quilting!! Best wishes!!

  7. I have iron quits on a towel from the back and it helped when they sort of were left for a while and moved around :) you may want to try that. use a pressing cloth (for me thats a 12 square of muslin)
    I am loving seeing these "older" quilts you have had packed away!

  8. I've enjoyed opening boxes "with you" ... what fun to see and hear about some of you old quilts.

  9. I used to think I wanted to make one of those diamond quilts. I like the look but not all the stretch.

  10. Once again, thanks for sharing. It must be like Christmas, opening all of the boxes. I hope everything is transitioning smoothly in your new home.

  11. I'm sure enjoying the show. Thanks for sharing. Lane

  12. What a great post - very interesting toseehow much work has gone into these unfinisheds - I have quite a few too!

  13. Such really nice quilt tops! I can SO relate to not having them all finished. Maybe you have to be a quilter to fully understand. Somehow we get sidetracked sometimes and it's hard to get back to the WIP. It's been fun seeing what is coming out of the boxes from your move!

  14. How wonderful to have all those quilts - it's a little like a "This is your life" through your quilts! So full of lovely memories.


    PS I like the fuschia pink batik

  15. Wow! You have some amazing UFO's there. What fun rediscovering your treasures.


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