Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stars and Organization

Hello Everyone   I hope you are enjoying a nice weekend.  Here is my newest 2" six pointed star.  It is made from the same fabric shown in my post here except that this star is in a different color way. The fabric is Carrie's Madders C1870 by Carrie Quinn for Blue Hill Fabrics.

When I went to English Paper Piecing Addiction Group last Monday, I sat by Michelle.  She always has something new and interesting to share with the group.  She was teasing me because I almost had to empty my container of star pieces to find the last point to sew on my stars shown in my last post here.    In a few days I received this package in the mail from Michelle.  The star shown above is from the fabric that she sent me.  

The paper clips and binder clips that are in the box are for me to get organized.  (Several have tried before!)   Below left is the container of star pieces that I had at our group get together.  So you can see why Michelle sent the package.  The right container is my Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses pieces.  

And, below is my star container with all of the star pieces organized and clipped together ready for sewing.  Thanks Michelle.  The clips really do help.  Now I'm going to work on the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses pieces, and then I'm going to sort my Road 66 hexagons.  

Here are all three of my stars made from the Carrie's Madders fabric.  The three fabrics are identical; the template was just placed on each one differently.  

Michelle also gave me a couple of Edyta Sitar's new paper pieces.  Each one has a different verse.  I'm going to try to remember this one:  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today.  


  1. Love your new stars! Also have only heard about the verses paper pieces so it's good to see one. Love the verse you've adopted!

  2. It's so fun to watch these stars appear. You'll really go to town now that you're more organized!

  3. Your fussy-cutting always leaves me in awe. Gorgeous stars, LuAnn!
    *LOL* I could take some tips from your organizing. My small hexie project container is a mess!

  4. dear LuAnn,your stars are wonderful,that makes me think of hexies ,too.but first i must finish all my other things. have a nice week,susi

  5. I just love your stars.

    No stitching for me ... I cut fabric so I can start piecing my next quilt, a spiral log cabin. Woo hoo

  6. Organization really is key, isn't it? I'm inspired to get busy on my stars!

  7. Oh my! I am NOT organized either and yet I've never realized it until now. Thanks for the tip. Such a sweet friend you have. Gorgeous star.

  8. I love seeing all those diamonds clipped together waiting to be stitched. They make my fingers itch to sew!


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