Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Halloween

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween at my house.  Here is the front outside flower bed decorated with ghosts, tombstones, lights and pumpkins.

I made my tomato cage ghosts the same as in the past.  You can find my tutorial HERE.   

I have the ghosts lit with white lights, and the bushes are all orange.  It's pretty easy to find the white Christmas lights this time of year because a lot of stores have all of their Christmas decorations out.

One of the ghosts is made from a sheet.  I couldn't find another sheet here that was all white.......so I used a piece of my Kona cotton.  The faces are drawn on free hand with a permanent marker.

Here's how the tomato cage looks with the lights wrapped.  I also used tent stakes to hold the bottoms in the ground so they won't blow away.  You can pick those up in the camping department at most of the big box stores.  I also used big binder clips to hold the sheets onto the back of the tomato cages.  I did that after we had a big storm and the cages blew over and the sheets came off.  

I've been doing a little sewing but have been working on other things lately.  More on that later.  I'll show you some of my other Halloween decorations in the next post.

I hope you're finding some time to stitch today.  

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  1. Your decor is very clever--and not too scary. My grandkids catch their school bus in front of a home with very creepy decorations. One of them cried when they saw the decorations. I like your happy ghosts much better. : )

  2. So nice. There is no tradition to decorate for Halloween like you doo here in Norway. But I really like it :)

  3. Love those ghosts! I've been wanting to find something for outdoors for Halloween that won't be too scary or too costly. Since it's about time to take down the garden, we'll have several tomato cages available! ;-)

  4. Looks great, especially the night time view! I'd come trick or treating at your house!

  5. Your new home looks SPOOKTACULAR! Very festive LuAnn!

  6. Your house must be a popular one for local trick or treaters. Great decorations!


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