Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chicago International Quilt Show Part 1

I had so much fun attending the International Quilt Show in Chicago, Illinois, this past Friday.  Our guild takes a bus trip for the day to the show.  Our leader, Dallas, really knows how to put a great trip together.  The bus dropped us off right at the door, and when we entered the first thing we saw was this exhibit of red and white quilts.  It was really kind of breathtaking.  It makes you think (1) if you've made a red and white quilt, why don't you display it all the time.....and (2) if you've never made a red and white quilt - WHY NOT?  

I'm in category number 2.  I have a red and white antique quilt but have never made one.  I'll add that to my bucket list.

There were lots of quilts in the show.  There were many where photography was not allowed.  I wanted to know why, so I talked with one of the white glove ladies.  Bottom line is that those quilts are featured in a book for sale at the show.  

Since I love English Paper Piecing so much I gravitated to this red and white hexagon diamond quilt.

I also love Dresden Plates.  Each ring has 20 blades in it.  I love the use of color in this one.  

Nine patches are always great.  

This star quilt hung over in the vendor area.  I also love sawtooth stars.  Maybe I don't really have a favorite block.

This house quilt hung on the outside of a booth selling antique quilts.  (I like house quilts, too.)  It took a bit of studying this quilt to see why all of the houses are turned different directions.  

When I gave the photo a turn, you can see (below) that if this quilt is placed on a bed (probably a twin sized bed), the houses in the three middle rows are facing the right direction while the two outside rows would be placed correctly for the drop to cover the mattress.  Also notice that the doors to the houses are on the right.  Most house blocks I've seen have the door on the left side.

A look at the crowd in the vendor area.

 Astronomical Quilts! Quilts made from a block challenge.  

A Dear Jane.  There was a red and white Dear Jane quilt hanging up front in the exhibit.  I can't believe I didn't get a photo.

This is a beautiful shade of blue.

This quilt is made of string blocks cut into 45 degree diamonds.  When you look closely, it is a fun study of fabric.  

I think it was mostly the pink and brown that drew me to this quilt.  It also uses that great border from Judie Rothermel.  

Last, but not least, is this gorgeous hexagon quilt.  There is a lot of purple used throughout this quilt - not a color I normally use - but it looks great in this quilt.

I'll post the other half of my photos next time.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today.

  Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  
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