Friday, June 19, 2015

In Stitches Quilt Shop Visit

A few weeks ago I received an email from Cathy that owns In Stitches in Rushville, Indiana.  She had been reading my blog and wanted permission to use my pattern for From Squares to an On Point Quilt to hand out to customers during the Stars Over Indiana Shop Hop from June 12-20.    Here is another link to a different version of the pattern.      And yet another version where I controlled the setting triangles and center square.  I've added the links to my sidebar.

I made the quilt top below, and drove out to Rushville, Indiana, to meet Cathy and visit her shop.  I know it helps to have a lot of samples made from a pattern so you can visualize what it will look like. 

I also took this little quilt that I had made from the same pattern.

I asked Cathy if I could take some photos in her shop to post on my blog so all of you can see some of the neat things she has there.  She has lots of samples hanging all over the shop.

In Stitches has lots of pre cuts including these charm packs.   These are just some of the charm packs.  Others are scattered over the shop.  

There are lots of different jelly rolls.  Here are some, but there are others.  

I love to see a bed in a quilt shop.  Cute display!  

I was drawn in by this display.  I love decorating for Halloween and bought the panel you see displayed plus a few other pieces.

There is a wall of beautiful batiks.  Here you see more panels on display.  

Here are small quilts made for each holiday.

There is a huge display of fat quarters.

This is one of the samples that Cathy made from my pattern.  She did this one using candy squares to make a cute table topper.  It was nice to meet Cathy and to see her shop.  I'm flattered that she wanted to use my pattern!

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today.  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  1. I've just taken a look at your "on point" pattern; it's brilliant! I shall definitely be using it. It looks much easier than fiddling with setting triangles. Thank you LuAnn.

  2. Must feel good to be recognized for your work.
    That looks like a very fun shop. I like the feel of it. She has some very clever display methods.

  3. Such a beautiful shop, well done LuAnn you should be proud of your talents.

  4. Looks like a great shop..... Your quilt lovely.....

  5. Looks like a great shop..... Your quilt lovely.....

  6. Looks like a great shop..... Your quilt lovely.....

  7. I love it when quilters can collaborate and share. I've heard too many stories otherwise lately.

  8. Anita Hallock wrote a whole book called Fast Patch
    based on this idea. It was released in 1989 and is now out of print unfortunately. Perhaps it is available on ebay or somewhere, but she developed some really wonderful variations from a clever idea. It seems you had the same idea!


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