Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hexagons for Brinton Hall

I'm basting some hexagons for a new project I'm starting.  

Have you seen the Brinton Hall quilt by Leigh Latimore in the current issue of Quiltmania?   The center section of the quilt uses 7 different large floral prints that are surrounded by a 1 inch hexagon crown.  Then those are surrounded by more 1 inch hexagons with a lot of scrappy hexagons to fill in the center section.  

I first saw this over on Karen H's blog Faeries and Fibres.  It wasn't long until I found a copy of the magazine and starting planning my center.  

When I read about how Karen started her quilt center, she showed how she made a window template to cut the center fabric but more importantly to place the hexagons around it.  While that all made sense, I went ahead and made one hexagon motif without using the window template.  I have now ripped that one out.  I found that I had pulled and shifted that hexagon crown around the design on the fabric to include parts of the floral fabric and bird's tail that I wanted to fit.   While my center fabric was smooth and the hexagons all fit, the block was "in a twist".  I just thought it would save a step, but instead I'll be sewing that first block again.  

Here is how I made my window template.  I printed hexagon template sheets from the internet.  There are a lot of different sites out there that can be found by a Google search.  I had to tape several sheets together to be able to fit my design size.  The one below is for a 3/4" hexagon project that I've also started.  More on that one in a later post.  

I had the idea to tape the hexagon ring to freezer paper so that way I can iron my window template to the design.  

If you have taped that window template together and mistakenly ironed it, there will be a mess on the bottom of your iron.  That can be cleaned off by using Downy fabric softener sheets while the iron is still warm.  

Here is my first block with the window template ironed to the fabric.  Then I used a Frixion pen to draw the line on the fabric where my hexagon ring will be basted.

My hexagon ring is glue basted to the fabric.  I haven't appliqued' the ring to the fabric yet, so I'm not sure how the glue basting will work out.  I machine basted the other one that I ripped out, and I don't think that is the way to do it either.  

Here is block number 2.

I just finished basting block number 3.  After the applique' is finished on all seven blocks, I'll cut away the excess fabric and attach the crowns  together with a neutral fabric.  There are a lot of scrappy hexagons in that center section, too.  I've been cutting those from my scrap bag.  

Now before you think that I haven't finished anything in a good, long while, I've started practicing my machine quilting. (It's been at least 2 years since I've done any machine quilting.)  I keep a few pieces like the one below for practice and to try new stitches.  This one is finished except for the binding.  The pattern for Brinton Hall is in two installments.  The outside borders of the quilt will be in Quiltmania issue #108.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today!  It's rainy here, so it's a perfect day to be in the sewing room.

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