Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mitered Square Afghan, Scarves and Hexagons

Hello Everyone:   I try not to talk about anything medical here on my blog because I know that everyone has someone in their family that has some kind of issue.  My husband had two surgeries about 10 days ago; the first to remove skin cancer cells from his eyelid; and later that same day another surgeon repaired/reconstructed his eyelid.  I know this isn't the worst thing that could happen, but it isn't the best either.  The word cancer can strike fear into the strongest among us.  His eye looks better each day, and we're thankful for that.  He still has some restrictions for the next couple of weeks.  I'm doing the yard work and lifting anything over 10 pounds that needs to be lifted among other things.  Never fear though.  I'm still finding time to stitch.

I get a lot of questions and e-mail comments about my knit mitered square blanket tutorial (the link is under my blog header).  I know there are some that wrote me about this in the last couple weeks, and I can't find your emails.  So if you wrote me during this time, or if I didn't give you a clear answer about something, please email me again.  

  I haven't worked on this mitered square afghan in over a year.  I received an email awhile back where someone asked me if I knew that the photo of the blanket on my tutorial was trending on Pinterest.  It made me laugh.   So I sat on the porch and added a couple of squares and hope to keep going on it.  

In my bag of leftover sock yarn balls, I found these scarves that I'd started while trying to clarify my directions for people.  I've had a lot of questions about filling in the  half square along the edge.  I have the directions somewhere (I'm still looking for them.) and will add that to my tutorial when I find them.  I really prefer the zig zag edges.  

I ordered All Points Patchwork by Diane Gilleland and read through it in the waiting room.  This is a great book about English Paper Piecing and would be helpful to the beginner, and it has a lot of ideas for the experienced paper piecer as well.  

Here's a better look at the hexagons that I've stitched.  These are 3/4".  I'm making them for a future project.  My fussy cutting tutorial is also listed under my blog header here.  

I know Father's Day was awhile ago, but this is the fruit tart that I made for dessert that day.  The base is sugar free vanilla pudding with a bar of cream cheese.  After I took this photo, I melted 6 tablespoons of Apricot Preserves in the microwave and drizzled it over the top.

I hope you are finding some time to do some stitching today.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  


  1. I love the afghan and its tempting me to take up knitting again! The tart looks delicious.

  2. The tart looks yummy. Thanks for the book recommendation ... I'm going to go to as soon as I finish up here. I'm praying for you hubby's recovery.

  3. LuAnn, heck, just having to have surgery done on an eyelid would be enough to send me over the edge!

    Glad to hear that hubby is doing better.

    Thank you for the eye candy. . . maybe one of these days I'll start a hexie project. Right now I have too many other things nagging at me to finish them! LOL

    Happy 4th of July,

    Sherry V.

  4. Hope that the recovery goes well for the surgery. Glad that you are able to sit and read or stitch while waiting. Isn't it funny to find old projects and have them feel new again?

  5. I do hope your hubby's recovery continues to go well.
    The afghan looks very fun--congrats on "trending". *LOL*
    Your fussy-cut hexies are always very stunning.
    Yum, that dessert looks very fresh for a hot summer. : )

  6. Hi LuAnn. We all do have our issues with family health. My step son was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer on 22 Apr 14 - he made it almost 14 months he passed away 6 Jun. The stress for me and his Father was horrible. I tried to quilt, and was able to do some, but in high stress one loses creativity and concentration.

    I am just now getting back to where I was last March. I am praying that your husband has a 100% speedy recovery. Sometimes it just helps to let others know that you are experiencing a bad time - Quilters are just so supportive. I love your Blog and you hang in there. It will be fine. Please keep us updated on Hubby's progress.


  7. One other comment.....Just about the time you think you have your feet on the ground another issue will pop in - My back went out from Dec-Feb - the Hubby had to have 2 neck fusions on 3 April..........Never want to have a year like we did again, but you know what, we made it through all of it with God's help.

    Again, keep us posted on progress, and I will pray for you that you will be OK - Caregivers really do need our prayers too.

  8. So sorry to gear about your husband's eye, I hope his recovery continues to progress well. Don't forget to look after yourself as well, be careful with that lifting! I highly recommend everyone visits your fussy cutting tutorial, it's the best! Take care.

  9. I hope your husband recovers quickly and that no further treatment is required.

    I love the mitered square afghan and while I'm not a knitter I know one who would LOVE this project so I'm sending her a link to your blog. I all of your hexagon rosettes spread out like that. They are little gems!

  10. The hexies are beautiful and will be lovely in whatever you use them in. That dessert looks wonderful too. Blessings on you and your husband. Sending prayers for healing your way.

  11. Hope all goes well for your DH...fantastic projects x

  12. Must be nice to be trending. LOL!
    I just love all the colors in your afghan, I used to knit all the time before quilting took over my life.
    Seeing your work makes me want to take it back up.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. goodluck to your husband........hope he heals well and they have all the bad cells.........

  15. A speedy recovery to your DH. I know that I have had a few medical setbacks this year. Every time I think about posting something, I stop and say NO WHINING! :) The DH and I just laugh about getting older now and body parts giving out.
    I love the mitered square pattern. Somewhere I have a picture of Patty Harrants in the sweater she made. Recently, I saw that Val was making one too. Take care.

  16. Hope your husband is doing better with each passing day. That afghan is delicious as is your tart! YUM!

  17. My friend made a wonderful jacket in the mitred square design. I think I have the pattern somewhere.
    I'm pleased your husband is progressing well. Best wishes to you both.

  18. Wow - what a great blanket tutorial! and it is just gorgeous in the multi colours.Tempting me to take up some knitting again. Pretty hexagons - I can see you had lots of fun with fabric there :)

  19. Glad you hear that your husband's eye surgery went well and that he is improving daily. Love your hexies and the dessert looks soooooo good!


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